Do You See

The patterns of life and the proper use of them?

The faculty of reason, feelings, actions and belief.

Is it clear what your vision is right now?

Do you need a vision to use and to follow?

Do you claim to live your life?

Are you being responsible in this regard?

Do you know your role in life?

Use your courage and endurance to act on life and your circumstances.

Don’t find fault, find a useful purpose and don’t wait for fear to motivate your actions.

Now that you recognize the truth and the wonder of being a human being, check it out, become more aware.

Perhaps, you too will adapt a vision and take action on it to reach your potential.


Processed Food Wars

Everybody does it, we eat cheap, easy processed foods because we like them, don’t see the harm and feel too rushed to avoid the food choice.

We need better education about eating processed foods.

We need better research.

Why the CDC declared the highest response level to Ebola outbreak – National |

The CDC upgraded its response to the Ebola outbreak to a Level 1, the highest activation ranking reserved for the most severe health emergencies.
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Please support the effort.

Canadian AI Gurus Predict next war started by Algorithm

Is there a failsafe for such an event?

Who can we count on to oversee AI and weapons of war?

Prevention is cure.

Let’s invest in better safety protocol for AI and weapons

Marie Curie – You cannot hope to build a better world…

“You cannot hope to build a better world without…” – Marie Curie quotes from
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Be responsible and help build a better world.

Be yourself, but do your best to learn from your mistakes.

Be calm, still and silent.

Find your vision and put it into practice to help all who see it.

Be a leader, but don’t confuse power with responsibility.

What Effect Did the First Moon Landing Have on the World? | Sciencing

The moon landing not only represented advances in technology, but became a symbol for human achievement. The landing has also had some interesting effects among conspiracy theorists, and theories that the landing was faked linger on.
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Watch First man, a good recap of the event.

Achievement seems like an understatement.




Next will be Mars.

Equal outcomes have replaced equality of opportunity – The Globe and Mail

Equal outcomes have replaced equality of opportunity – The Globe and Mail
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University is practicing questionable policy of diversity.

Again, the impression given by the policy is contrary to educational values.

Proper impressions need not sit well with others, but doing harm to any student or staff will be less than proper.

At times, what is questionable may become obscured by administration policy or some other tool.

And, ideally the situation at school is gearing for better policy as opposed to worse policy.

Curious, is society looking out for it’s own best interests?

Equality Is Not Just Your Family

There is a lack of clarity in today’s society.

A petrifying aspect that relates what is good for me must be good for you.

There is room to fight for individual and group rights. This is a none issue.

But become engaged with education, understanding and the noble sense of fairness.

Global citizenship – Wikipedia

Global citizenship – Wikipedia
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To think about the world as our job.

To learn what the job is for me or how much I can do.

To build a sufficient knowledge base to function as one of the world’s citizens.

To engage the world but keep a balance with ‘my world’, as in do no harm to myself or others.

Curiosity and good intentions are part of a bigger practice: a student’s lifelong learning in how to contribute and take responsibility for consequences when I am at fault.

Keeping a sense of humour about developing a better relationship with the big old world.

How Religious Fundamentalism Hijacks the Brain | Psychology Today Canada

How Religious Fundamentalism Hijacks the Brain | Psychology Today Canada
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Today we are seeing groups of young people being used by power and political ideas as an ends to a means.

Books like the Hand Maiden’s Tale tries convincingly to warm us to its dangers.

Question authority that attempts to soft sell you a better life.

What are the motives of a right Christian conservative political democracy that manipulated others in a western society?

Why are leftists rationalists being political in the University in countries like Canada?

With the US shutting out Russia and China and other complicated issues, the world stage is becoming more reactionary.

The complexity of the world needs better leaders than the reactionary.

But fundamentally we need to whittle our hijacking religious groups from creating havoc in Western Society politics.

More separation of religion from democracy.

Better education and separation of political manipulation of students.

Better education for everyone.