Listen With Your Heart

Let’s become whole and stop endangering the planet.

There is more to life than money fame or fortune.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”…

All There Is Is Love

15 minutes of self care a day will build a jolly good fellow.

Say yes and act on that impulse and you will experience your bliss.

Never say never, it is never too late to turn on your life.

Why, how and what?

you are the future,

do it now,

love, marry and make a family

Being In Your Twenties Matter

Your brain will give you all you want or need.

Your body will set you free (career, mate and family).

Your being will make it all real (calm, cool, and collected).

Child Abuse Is Plain And Simple

Children’s rights are front and centre when considering extreme examples of child abuse.

The world may harbour many more problems for the special needs of children.

We need a charter for children’s rights to help support the legal rights and obligations for them.

Renewal Of The Good Life

Holding on to life, when life throws me a curve ball.

The threat of cancer or any health problem can derail the most stoic individual.

But living in a 1st world country has numerous advantages like universal healthcare, good utilities, excellent labor practices and excellent information services like library systems.

A lasting and robust belief system can aid even globally conscious individuals.

Consider the most basic truth and make it your friend, seek out the good life to support you in any emerging problem, it will not disappoint.

Beautiful B.C.

Victoria is where I am,

Where I desire to be,

Where I know to be.

This is who I am in a local manner.

My inner landscape is another matter.

I desire to be here,

But on the inside, I need to make a difference.

I know who I am and what I want and I think that has made ‘all the difference ‘.