The proper use of my young mind.

4:30 AM is the time set on my alarm clock.

My mind wakes me up a few minutes early to avoid the noise of the alarm.

Do no harm.

I set my connection with mind to allow myself to wake up without the alarm.

I am aware of what I say and do.

This is part of my practice of awareness to do no harm.

Developing my practice of awareness, I do daily exercises: journal and walking meditation.

I like to set the alarm to wake up my body each day: it is automatically set to go off at five AM.

Imagine, I can listen to my mind and wake up my body at 4:30 each day.

Young mind.


The marriage between health and mind is mental health.

It is a habit like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, taking a shower and going to sleep.

Like sleep, it is a fundamental need for the body.

Like sleep, it is a connection or relationship primary to the body mind connection which is called by many names.

Anyone who has been broken by stress, disease, cancer, insomnia, or a breaking down of body, mental or physical health, is aware of the need to maintain and perhaps grow the connection or relationship with body and mind.

In religion and spirituality, language and habit is another form of marriage that describes the union of the mind with our own being or state of consciousness.

For example, Buddhism, mind is enlightenment or the proper use of the mind.

In secular society we offer work for the mind:  vision and other mental abstraction.

But to declare the meaning and purpose of mind does appear to be at the very least a relationship with self and being that has to do with some kind of higher purpose for mind and self-aware beings like humanity.

At present we are deaf, dumb and blind:  young mind.

The Cult Of Apolo

I. There is no Byzantium for the millennials .

The etymology is unclear, not a city, age or identity.

A group who awoke with a pyre of perennials,

A demarcation who is following obscenity.

Do not refer to them as a god or king.

Make their history laden with weapons and things.

These youth follow the eternity ping.

They bask in the sun, on a beach, wear a ring.

II. What age will the god Apollo reappear or is he just a Grecian myth?

This age is pulsating with information and grit.

The time is at hand for a revolving smith,

A period of technological lures and pits.

A visionary panoramic slide is forming on this dynasty of doom.

Carry us all off this table top or the time will loose all moral certitude.

With a people so enlightened or disenfranchised there will come a boom.

This place or timescale for all intensive purposes is subdued.

III. At last the purpose or picture forming will define this place and time.

It is like calling the gods to rise from slumber or break.

A war is brewing and people stewing, look there at the sign.

A generation will wake and take their place and eat their cake.

We need a leader to make a path among the ruins and unspoken dreams.

We will fight for this dream, a family, a mind and our consciousness.

Oh son of Zeus, come brazen us with truth, music, healing and creams.

Lead us to a climb into outer space and a mindfulness.

Friendly Neighbourhood…

There is a branch everywhere you go.

It’s not just books, devices and meetings.

The reference, information and seating,

A book, a seat and the heating,

People from all walks of life,

A democratic education with a friendly librarian to help you navigate the system.

Free Electric Bus Ride

My home town is grappling with parking and land problems in Victoria, B.C.

A novel solution is to make transit environmentally friendly and user friendly, it may pave the way for a more environmentally and user friendly city.

My city is a tourist city, we need to consider our long term economic future.

How will this idea fair in reality, time will tell.

Our progressively modern mayor is about to put the idea to a vote or test.

Citizens beware, electric cars, bikes and buses are here to stay and if you want a better city, think about the value of environmentally friendly and user friendly transit.

The Neurological Need For Sleep

How the body is regulated is far from a coherent form of understanding, but it is clear that we need sleep, nutrients,exercise, cleaning of all major systems and proper levels of resources to maintain the body and mind or and soul.

Without some or all of the above we breakdown through fatigue, we rust and self destruct through diseases.

Sleep restores energy levels, completes repairs and cleans and disposed of garbage in the body.

A healthy functional body does more to optimize and correct mistakes.

To go without regular sleep is a form of great harm.

The Sleep Solution, by Winter, W. Chris

Listen With Your Heart

Let’s become whole and stop endangering the planet.

There is more to life than money fame or fortune.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”…

All There Is Is Love

15 minutes of self care a day will build a jolly good fellow.

Say yes and act on that impulse and you will experience your bliss.

Never say never, it is never too late to turn on your life.

Why, how and what?

you are the future,

do it now,

love, marry and make a family