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Credit card debt is the last thing you want, but who am I to judge you.

Here is the latest and greatest, knock your socks off!

Is The New Apple Card A ‘Good’ Thing?

credit is debt, plain and simple,

use any card, only AsYouPayItBack

don’t harm yourself with credit

Budget for as much as you can stand and work towards a balanced budget ASAP!

Is your card balance at zero?

Try putting money on your card before you use it.

Learn to save money and buy less.

Don’t owe yourself or anyone money

Learn your limitations before you use credit.

Think financial health not wealth.

Caught on camera: Washington state teen almost drowns after falling in ice

KENNEWICK, Wash. (KEPR) — Stay off the ice, we’ve probably all heard this at one point in our lives. One teen is lucky to be alive after a Tuesday afternoon rock hunting turned into a disastrous brush with death. Rose Hardt and a group of friends were playing on thin ice, when rose fell in, and it was all live streamed on YouTube. “Wow, the sun is reflecting off the ice, that looks gorgeous and there’s a way down there maybe we should go take some pictures,” saidRose Hardt in an interview.
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Be careful and stay off thin ice.

Love Again

Do a little singing and dancing and talking with me.

Do a little eating and walking and watching with me.

Do a little living and loving and smiling with me

Do a little laughing and loving and seeing with me.

Will you talk with me?

Will you listen to me?

Can you see how I feel about you?

Can you visit with me?

Do a little thinking about me.

Make up your mind about me.

A Good Person

I just have to accept it.

I’m going to upset myself and others for the rest of my life.

All I have to do is not act on it.

‘Do no harm’ is a simple statement.

So is ‘the proper use of impressions’.

A child is born.

One who is willing and able to practice the above two statements and will live a better life.

He or she will learn to become a better person.

Most of us are fortunate to become and live better lives.

The challenge is to stick with it.

You may wish to change, but the goal is to ‘stick with it’.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Horsetail?

Learn about horsetail, its benefits, uses and the positive long-term effects they can impart on your body.
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Herbals are usually nutritional plants of a great variety.

A herbalist is someone who know how to identify and use the herbs in an effective and efficient manner.

This may require studying plant properties and uses for promotional health reasons.

It goes without saying that permission may be required when consuming these herbs. If in doubt, always check with a medical doctor.

How to Become the Person You Most Want to Be | Psychology Today

How to Become the Person You Most Want to Be | Psychology Today
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A complete person is someone who is able to make a practice out of life values.

To practice these values we must be willing to learn and teach others.

To practice values like simplicity, compassion and patience will give you strength, hope and experience in all your affairs.

Working Age

Each person is different from the next, but that does’t make the next person wrong or right.

A limitation may come or go, but who you are has no limits.

Do we restrict work to an individual based on a religion, race, age?

We make the job safe for the individual, not the other way around.

The Culture Of Food Is More Important Than Nutriion

Is the Western Diet bad?

Can we find a better way?

Democratically improving food.

Check out the rules.

Intelligent Ethics

Why is the heart less important than the brain?

Why is a different brain better or worse than the brain I am using?

The stigma of an ineffective brain or an affective brain is just a disguise for a biased opinion.

The categorization of a disorder is only as bad or as good as the person using it.

Labels only serve to discredit the individual.

We are not an all or nothing proposition.

Intellectual superiority is truly an oxymoron or simply a descriptive phrase.

Reason is only one form of intelligence.

People are a composite of reason, emotion, physicality, belief, environment and genetics.

Loosely speaking, we are more than the sum of our parts.

We cooperate and collaborate to create good things.

Yet, there are more than angles and devils, a whole array of the spectrum exists.

To live the good life and use the proper use of impressions is perhaps only an ideal.

But for those that breathe, walk the earth with intention, practice, there is a way to be.