Feeling Right About Time

I don’t know if I can write down my stuff about time.

It may be a little unclear, even to me.

But let me try… first, it seems like this present is going really slow, but it doesn’t take any time at all.

And the past seems like it went really fast, but it is extremely slow because it is over and doesn’t move at all.

And the future is never going to arrive and feels like it is going slower than something slow.

This is just an exercise in how the last few hours appear to feel to me.

My feelings of time in the past, present and future are extremely subjective.

For example, another cliché about time is boy, was that fast, where did all the time go, my perception of time is similar to everyone lessees.  Especially when I am busy and focus on the here and now, as in the task at hand, whatever it may be.

My experience at being too busy, is that I am feeling excessively worried about the future or trying to control everything I need to do.

I project this into all that I say and do.

I kinda get a little obsessed with the task or job and end up trying too hard and the job becomes a lot harder, out of control and harmful to myself and others.

Again, I am being very subjective.  But in this case, I am expressing  my primary belief:  do no harm.

It is fun to use ‘time’ and my own behaviour when I act out of control, to express a pseudo description of time and what is best to do.

Who am I to do either, excepting, as the writer I am and this is my art form.

This is an example of an original blank verse poem, disguised in the form of a blog or journal entry!



The Good Life (Live, Love, Laugh and Contemplate)

First, I do not recommend my path to others.

Second, I have borrowed many ideas and thoughts from others who say the same thing in a more eloquent way.

Thirdly, the only true way is to do all this work for the sole purpose of becoming a good person.

I’ve planted this idea or seed.

And this germ of an idea is beginning to sprout.

Do no harm and the proper use of impressions.

To practice is simple but the mistakes along the way are the true lessons.

I use my diary, journal and blog to record my mistakes and find healthy solutions to practice.

I also play guitar, write and sing songs.

I write poetry and other forms of writing.

I use my creative abilities to learn how to do no harm and correct my mistakes.

I also use philosophy, photography and exercise and social activities with this soul purpose in mind.

The proper use of impressions is the second idea.

I try to set aside all desire and act on my aversions a little bit at a time.

I dislike organized religion, so I am breaking down this aversion to properly use the church to accept my aversion.

Through comparative religious study I went into philosophy and psychology to do the same thing.

Eventually, I settled for being a good person regardless of religion, philosophy, ideas or beliefs.

To me, humanity and embracing the self is the best way to live the good life.

This seed has blossomed into a tree of knowledge which I use to explore the proper use of impressions and do no harm.  I have collected many ideas from schools and people and self study to find the best way to be myself in a healthy way.

To sum it all up, I like to cryptically say ‘it is all part of it’.  I need to express and embrace my whole self (good, bad and ugly) to learn self-control and the other fruits of the spirit.  And through my adventures, I am learning to practice these two main ideas.

This is not a philosophy or a principle or idea.  It is a safe way to live, learn, laugh, and pray or contemplate to live my own life, cooperate and collaborate with others.

The Rights Of The Individual Verses The State


people are being forced by law to live a certain way,

On the surface it seems small:

Don’t wear a religious symbol to work,

It becomes clear that some individuals will be choosing to wear visible religious symbols as a form of protest,

Will the government amend the law or eliminate it?

It looks as if this bill will only aggravate society into greater protest.

Perhaps the government will rethink its bill?

Preston Manning on faith, Jordan Peterson, and Stephen Harper’s populism – The Post Millennial

Preston Manning on faith, Jordan Peterson, and Stephen Harper’s populism – The Post Millennial
— Read on www.thepostmillennial.com/preston-manning-on-faith-jordan-peterson-and-stephen-harpers-populism/

Is Stephen Harper angling for ‘the man of the people’,I thought Trump had that one covered with some of his latest news.

There may be an angle to re-elect Trump and Harper.

Far be it for me to promote hate spin or anything political.

Put it is true that Preston, Stephen and Donald are all winners thru populism.

Perhaps, this story will gain the attention necessary for the populism to be routed away from the next election.

Singing and Playing My Guitar

I love to create, sing and play folk guitar.

I practice my craft for fun, pleasure and release.

If I gain a little reputation, I will forgive that small conceit.

The work involved is worth the effort.

The pain I cause is never better.

The mess, the waste, and time is getting better.

I can’t afford to make this letter.

There are followers and fans that like my stuff.

People come by to listen.

I’ve found a way to entertain.

I can’t forget what’s risen.

My truth is really something special.

The talent is plain to see.

But I’m not in this to claim a prize.

I just need a little time to realize.

My life is precious to many fans.

My presence is asked for with many requests.

But people don’t understand my best.

I’m doing all this to live ‘the good life’.

Perception Of Hell On Earth

The infinite varieties of hell are subject to the individual, groups and society at large.

But there is no place like home.

We all, carry a shadow which take a life time to befriend.

We dance around our hell by acting it out in real time and place with all those people and everything that is found on hell on earth.

For many, hell is just a metaphor for our bad self.

And for many more it is a reality found in their day to day affairs.

Most of us attempt to maintain our mental health but find hell on earth when we lapse as a consequence.

This is why it is important to make ‘the good life’ a priority and to befriend our hellish aspect of ourselves.

There is an abundance of creativity we use to create hell on earth and we can use this creativity to find peace and the ‘good life’.

The challenge is to embrace our Jungian shadow and make him our best friend.




A Trip For Your Mental Health

An altered state of consciousness is scattered through out our day.

Some people regulate their mental health with a day off.

Others, do it in less obvious ways:  go for coffee, go for a run, stay inside on a rainy day, go out at night, do exercise or a combo of all the above.

To lose our mental health can seem outrageous.

Generally, we go see our GP who will refer us to a mental health specialist.

In the hospital emergency, we may feel we are loosing our minds, or may do harm to ourselves or others.

At this crisis level, we are sent to the emergency and become temporarily secured for further treatment.

If someone wants to confine us, it is for a good reason, and we are released on our own or with some restrictions.

It is frightening to loose control with a mental health problem, but rarely is it so chronic that we need to be in long term treatment.

Today, a new kind of therapy with psychedelics are being explored and tested by our best science and institutions.

Perhaps, we will have a pill and a therapist to ‘take us on a trip’ to relieve our mental stress or problem.

Until then, it is important to become educated on how to prevent and maintain our mental health.

It is good to plan for a mental health appointment with your GP, learn about going to the emergency when having a severe mental health problem, and to stay informed about our mental health.

We already keep journals and diaries, talk to friends and family and we can ‘google it’.

There is probably more we can do to maintain our mental health.


Why millions of dollars in federal grocery subsidies haven’t lessened food insecurity in the North | CBC News

Some Iqaluit residents go to creative lengths to avoid buying food at the grocery store — where a 24-pack of bottled water can cost $29.99. Marketplace explores why people in the North still pay so much more despite the fact the grocery industry there receives millions in federal subsidies.
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Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen – Wikipedia

Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen – Wikipedia
— Read on en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaii’s_Story_by_Hawaii’s_Queen

History is always open to interpretation.

Yet, this sensitive document recounts what some see as the true story of Hawaii as seen by her queen.

An especially salient account for those who sovereignties were overthrown during a complex struggle for change.

And an opposing view to the classic American historical tradition.

Advisable to read with an open mind and a compassionate heart, many indigenous individuals still live with family and friends associated with events from this story telling.

good things come to those who wait – Wiktionary

good things come to those who wait – Wiktionary
— Read on en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/good_things_come_to_those_who_wait

My results are not late.

I will wait.

You know the plan.

I am a patient man.

No time like the present.

No excuses for bad behaviour.

No suffering for my foolishness.

No harm to me or others.

Yet, my mistakes need all my virtues.

And, age reminds me to live now, prosper now.