Once and for all.

The first time is for all of us.

We learn everything this way.

You see how someone does it, usually someone you know and probably care about.

Everyone you know cares and knows about it.

In a lot of ways we are all the same, and that is part of being human.

But finally, when we all join in for this act.

The outcome is a lot like our population.

It takes a lot of givers to make things work.

Let’s do this on the world stage.


The ancient Greeks used their leisure time to learn.

In society today, people do the very same thing.

It is hard to imagine this favourite pastime as a mistake or even the other extreme.

To learn is part of our routine.

It is a very pleasurable activity for most.

Join in on a course and learn something of your choice.

Your routine will thank you for it.


— Read on www.gaplesinstitute.org/does-cancer-have-a-sweet-tooth/

Sugar and processed food are two mistakes difficult to change in a culture which doesn’t recognize either as remotely causing real harm.

The evidence is slowly pointing towards a promise towards real change as noted when reading articles like the above.

But as a fan of giving up bad habits and picking up good ones, I am willing to give up both just to see if it is worth the effort.

Celebrating Gratitude


I have been journaling my whole life.

I also like to write, blog and research.

Today I have reached the halfway mark of my daily “Be Great, Be Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living” by Patternity.

I love poetry and blogging, I thing I’m nuts about the writing more than any specific element.

I like language, nuances, details, logic, reason, creativity, the narrative, the archetypal ideas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviour, being and people.

So, I am discovering I am grateful in the same passionate way.

I think I will simply carry on with my grateful journal or repeat it.

Partly, it has helped me focus my goals.

I am more concerned about being than doing.

Therefore my goal is to learn how to sleep better.

I believe in being better or happier being who I am.

I am not doing this for material gain or to gain anything.

I find it a challenge to put into words: do no harm but live a healthy life.

So I am celebrating all the above by sharing it with you.

Thanks for following my entry today.

Blueberry, a cough drop substitute

It is always good to gargle with salt throughout the day.

I usually gargle before bed and before going out.

Gargling twice a day or as often as you deem necessary will do very little harm.

A frozen small bowl of blueberries, late at night is great to help sooth the cough to help return the user back to la la land. But be attentive with children, it is a learning curve to such on these frozen pellets at the back of one’s throat.

Try to use a spoon to avoid blue stained fingers and sit up until the bowl of frozen berries are eaten.


The benefits of using frozen blueberries are many.

A whole food is easier to eat and more nutritious.

The cold soothing quality will alleviate the cough to help return to rest or sleep.

Copy Stand Work

StoneHedgeI read an interesting article about stone hedge on the internet.

I am a fan.

I needed a picture for my slogan in my kitchen.

Anyhow the article’s picture jumped out at me.

Please go read the article and appreciate the commercial photographer who deserves all the credit.


A Slow Pleasurable Life

Can the goal of good health and a good life overlap?

Is a gradual building of pleasure and happiness possible?

Years of seeing health as an end in itself, has led to years of seeing the good life as doing no harm.

A commitment to a life project of putting others first  and myself a close second.

Society needs the individual to be the revolution.

People need to change society as individuals through their outcomes:  inventing styles or fashion, contributions of work and the many ways we care for each other in compassionate ways.

The journey may produce a good life.

If I die today, I have no regrets…

Ig Nobel Or Nobel (prize)

Nuclear reactors or the atomic bomb, military invented the internet…


Although it is good to have technology and the transfer of knowledge is also usually a good thing, we still need to be a critical thinker, even a skeptic about the use and application of the truth.

Top Ten Reasons To Read My Blog

10. It’s short, you don’t have to read for long periods of time.

9. It has a variety of subjects, you may find one you’d like to read.

8. It’s not too ‘extreme’, your reaction may be, hey this dude has a lot of genuine content and it is mildly entertaining to boot.

7. It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.  It’s ad free.

6. It doesn’t cost money.

5. You don’t need to pay attention, you may never read this.

4. The charm of blogging is wearing off, thousands of blogs that all seem to say the same thing, why not skip mine all together.

3. If you have thought of a reason to read my blog, please leave a comment down bellow.

2. The humour of doing a ‘Top Ten’ is pretty lame, I hope you get a giggle or at least a smile.

  1. The funniest reason to read my blog is…  I am harmless and damn it, you just did some good mental gymnastics.