The Books Tumbling Off My Bookcase

Okay, 12 books and two cards fell off.

“Something Awesome Happened On The Day You Were Born…  You!!!  Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Birthday Son, You Have Good Looks, You Have Charm, You Have Style…  …it must run in this family, Happy Birthday.”

My sister and mom out did themselves, but I have to admit I left these cards (along with the books) in a pile on top of my already bulging bookcase.

Do you want to read any of these books: 

  1. God’s Top 10:  Blowing the led off the commandments by Annie Robertson
  2. I.O.U.S.A.:  One nation. under stress. in debt.  by Addison Wiggin and Kate Incontrera
  3. The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan
  4. Do Penguins Have Knees?  by David Feldman
  5. The Government Manual For New SuperHeroes by Mathew David Brozik and Jacob Sager Weinstein
  6. Onward:  How Starbucks Fought For Its Life Without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz with Joanne Gordon
  7. Hard Optimism:  How to succeed in a world where positive wins by Price Pritchett
  8. The Great Code:  The bible and literature by Northrope Frye
  9. Walking Softly In the Wilderness:  The Sierra Club Guide To Backpacking by John Hart
  10. Webster’s Thesaurus Landoll Copyright 1993
  11. Everest by Walt Unsworth
  12. Tigers Of The Snow:  How on fateful climb made the Sherpas mountaineer Legends by Jonathan Neale 

Okay, these may not be an attractive choice of books to pick, but finding a book to read, any book you value will pay for itself upon your first read.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting, From one book lover to another

Bring The Hollywood Into Romance

Life is like a movie…

Wow, is that a good budget.

Gee, is he a great catch.

Didn’t she turn your head.

Living the ‘good life’ isn’t just that appealing,

In fact, depending on how you experience it,

you will find it boring.

And yet, when romance goes sour…

There is a lot of drama and the good habits needed for a good life turn into a bigger problem like separation or divorce.

Mature love and romantic love are something everyone works to give balance.

There is no real Clark Gable.

But maybe, you will find the one to share ‘the good life’!

Ebola Congo outbreak: Virus found in West African bat for FIRST TIME | Daily Star

SCIENTISTS have found the Ebola virus in a West African bat for the first time as cases of the killer disease surge in the Congo.
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Support the effort.

The Proper Use Of Affection

To touch has a healing quality to it.

Especially when the hug or handshake comes from a trusted relative or friend who does no harm, but with affection.

A romantic relationship can develop into a sexual one, but will always include affection.

All humanity searches for affection through acts of kindness, compassion and care.

Different people and different culture will express affection in various ways, but to be human is to be affectionate!

​Millions of Canadians are at risk of a serious sleep condition — here’s why so few are diagnosed | CBC News

One in three Canadians sleep less than the recommended seven to nine hours per night. The culprit could be too much screen time, stress or caffeine, but few Canadians realize their daytime doziness may be directly caused by a condition called sleep apnea that can have serious health ramifications.
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Obesity can lead to many problems that culminate into worse health outcomes and slow or obstruct recovery from compounding illness.

In Place Of Humanity

They are going to pay you in spades to stay here.

And, in more ways than money, in ways you can’t afford to miss:  curiosity, patience, simplicity, compassion, friendship, experience, strength, and hope.

Are you going to miss all of this for what, a new car, a better house, better people or are you too good to stay here?

Humanity gives more than it takes, if you let it help you.  And all it asks in return is that you help it back and try not to make mistakes like harming yourself or others.

Don’t quit the human race, it has too much to offer you and you will offer it more in return. 

Your Mate Needs Affection

Research relationships to learn to be less harmful and more helpful to yourself and others: you benefit.

Bring your best game to each day, being grateful excellent and ready to express compassion: you benefit.

The Real Critical Thinker

a messenger by any other name,

the philosopher lived through questioning others with poise and tenacity,

if and only if critical thinking begins and ends with purpose, practice and prose,

the questioning method will help hone critical thinking ability,

grateful for greatness of ideas and excellence from individuals,

Watertown Daily Times | Alzheimer’s education program to be held in Carthage

Watertown Daily Times | Alzheimer’s education program to be held in Carthage
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Education is key, engage in every opportunity.