Higher Purpose

Will AI hack our executive functions through desire like immediate gratification?

We are strangely dependent on technology due to our desires and lack of impulse control.

Many confluent factors are impairing us from developing our skills to properly adapt to technology and specific AI and algorithms like a better healthcare system.

Society has always called the shots when it comes down to who is going to survive.

If the individual gives up their right to decide, society will be destroyed by AI.

Will this ‘sudden jump’ destroy humanity?

Will humanity better develop by engaging the higher purpose?


The Healthcare Algorithms


people will need to decide weather to give up their privacy or health.

the decision will arise when it becomes acceptable to research people’s health to create an algorithm to create hugely better healthcare.

eventually we will be asked to decide by handing over our privacy.

Do you want to cure cancer 100% at a dirt cheap rate when it is small and accessible?

Two Young Women Jogging

Jogging down the road on a crisp clear beautiful day, one woman (25) says to another friend her age.

First Women: how are things?

Second Woman: not bad.

FW: how is the boyfriend.

SW: he’s nice.

FW: that’s good.

They continue to jog away, enjoying the day and the silence.

Too Obscene


There is a spectrum available on various topics by most bloggers.

Why some are included or excluded from this blog are mostly based on whimsy, transparency, censorship or authenticity.

The philosophy of this writer limits and purports to expand the variety of content available to the reader.

Yet, it is impossible to maintain a good blog without some explanation, strong opinions and hopefully good outcomes.

I love to write, read, research, photography, philosophy and be with people.

-A grateful content writer @ Michael’s space.



As provocative as this subject can be, it is not discussed in public without some provocation.

Guilty maybe, practice, or some other elements that factor into the day to day activities.

It’s a lot like hygiene, but sexual health is all about good chit chat about topics that tend to derail at the slightest provocation!

B.C. nurse hopeful Ebola outbreak in Congo can be contained soon | CBC News

A nurse practitioner from B.C.’s Interior is lending her expertise to help contain the Ebola outbreak in the Congo.
— Read on www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/patrice-gordon-ebola-1.4960845

Please support the effort.

Virtue’s Too Nice For Avarice And Vice

Or are they one and the same,

Every vice has a craving associated with it.

Every person has a vice and a craving,

‘Who does it’, may sound like the right question.

How often…

Place vice on a pedestal and get really bad.

Deadly sin no longer has a ring on its finger.

Mortal has a better sound, had the flu of late.

Make me date,

There are viruses that would make your hair curl.

The body can’t tell the difference between protein and a virus.

All roads lead to recycling,

Who said anything was good to eat,

We better beat that drum.

Rum, rum, rum.

The race, the digital age, designer drugs

The timer is set, watch the news to hear the latest doom and gloom.

Set the stage with disaster to welcome our next triumph: recycle, reuse,

Are we part of a life cycle or a death cycle?

Cloister, cluster, life can be a mom with despair.

Yet, we are topping out with our population and poverty has been cut in half.

The good news and good life is a proposition.

Gravity is good when it holds things together.

Universal is almost as big, we strive to bring ever piece together.

Gloms together like real life, can it get any better?

A Moralist Or A Libertarian?

Who but a bluenose or a puritan would abscond with free will?

Certainly not a libertarian, or a Joseph Conrad, who sees the human spirit as real, explores the human psyche and speaks through story to the world.

Who but an Immanuel Kant, would restrict morality to a system or an Aristotelian, who approaches practical reasoning, based on the notion of reason.

What is good and bad today?

Is the ‘will’ real?

Are we accountable for our feelings?

Whereas, cultural norms almost universally prohibit incestuous relationships.

The degree of ‘appropriate feelings’ seem to becoming regulated by groups like sociological based think tanks and government justice departments.

The increase of population, technology and the decrease of available resources like land and precious metals are separating the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

I still believe in the ‘good life’ and that requires individuals to live better lives for themselves and those they care about in our society.

Let’s find a healthier balance, before we make too many rules.

A Slippery Creation

The fear of loosing my touch.

The undone writer isn’t who I am.

Either is the fame or lack of fame I receive due to my work.

Magical thinking is a responsible act to be practiced in everything I do.

The shoe is on the other foot for those who win great fortune due to their great work.

To let go of this fear of feelings, thoughts, actions, and beliefs are part of the job and everyday living.

Teacher Vs. Student: The Way

In the east, there is a mystical presence felt by those in the west. In this dialogue, the teacher shows the student how to find the power in breathing for compassion, simplicity and patience.

Teacher: You must breathe in your belly to calm your body. Or into your chest to warm yourself and accept your pain.

Student: how do I find balance, when do I breathe one way or the other?

T: Just breathe and ask me again when you know the answer.

Student: Will I ever know?