Philosopher Gone Viral

Confluence of love of wisdom, love of psychology, love of history, love of multimedia, love of writing, love of journaling, love of photography, love of studying, love of patterns.

  • Tired of putting my writing second.
  • Learning, loving and living.

Love the state of being, love the state of solitude, love the state of mind, love the state of heart, body and soul.

  • Taking a journey inward to find peace.

Love of:  blogging, poetry, prose, short story, essay, and writing for many other forms:  synopsis, dialogue, reviews, etc.

An Awkward Question

Life lessons don’t happen in ugly ways all the time.

Big money buys small money in polite ways.

Mutual interest has a big say in it.

Do you track your own finances for today or like big money?

It is not polite to ask, but I need to express the way big money spends smart money.

And as long as we don’t harm too many against their will, it is a moot question.

We are ‘us and them’.

But not everyone plays by the rules…

Grasping The Truth

Feeling the whole,

Sensing it with all my being,

Calibrating the life experience with closure, opulence and pregnancy.

The accumulation of the qualitative and quantitative information bits.

Struggling to remain human during this process.

Asking and receiving, giving and being helpful and learning a thing or two.

Making mistakes, doing wrong and trying to make up for it.

There is always some good, bad and ugly.

Life is like that.

Poet’s End

To share a life of work has got to come to an end: the poem, a book of poetry, a collection and more.

Like any worker, he matures and his work becomes limited and more difficult to produce.

Like an aging driver, he starts to limit himself because change is more difficult to resolve.

Most poets retire when their work begins to suffer at their own hands.

But many are able to continue on at a lesser capacity for years.

“Speak Friend and Enter”

If you knock on this door, surly you will die,

Go on home and live to fight more on your own terms,

Or not, have you had enough salmon?

Sometimes we know the dire consequences of our actions,

At times, death is truly knocking at the door,

The universal is more like nothing ventured, nothing gained,

Perhaps this ‘Lord of The Rings fan’ is just using it to decorate the door!

Johnson Street Bridge

Like most city infrastructure, there is a long bland story and a few salient facts.

It looks good and works well and the budget covers the large price tag of just over 105 Million dollars.