‘Don’t make thoughts your aim’ verses ‘Don’t make dreams your master’

He aims to think with a plan.

She is passionate about her dreams.

They sometimes fight about their different approaches.

Until she proposes a compromise.

“Why not combine your plan with my idea?”

“Surely, I aim to please.”

“And I know the art of compromise.”

In truth, art is a means of using what works in a beautiful way.

And knowing when dreaming and thinking will work as opposed to dwelling on both or either.




New Ebola treatment trial underway in Congo as outbreak surpasses 400 cases – CNN

An Ebola treatment trial that has begun in the DRC is the world’s first-ever multi-drug study, according to the World Health Organization. The trial began as violence continues to hinder efforts to contain an outbreak in the region.
— Read on www-m.cnn.com/2018/11/26/health/ebola-treatment-trial-bn-intl/index.html

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Universal Peace and Happiness

The Dalai Lama said, the ultimate source of peace is n the mind-which, far more than our circumstances, determines our happiness.

CBCT or Cognitively Based Compassion Training is the next big tool for teaching the trait of loving kindness.

Accordingly, the person learning to be more compassionate is the first to benefit.

So, even if you don’t love the world today,

even if you don’t love your enemy today,

You can learn to love yourself using CBCT.

Another words, you will be a source of peace and happiness in everyone’s life.

Do you want to try CBTC or learn how to be more peaceful and happy?





The Power Of Virtue

The proper use of impressions cause no harm.

The main trait of a virtue is to practice doing good for yourself and others.

It is biological, everyone learns to do good.

To decide on right action is practical when the following rules are applied: it is better to start by deciding not to act on any desires but only aversions.

Also apply the additional caveat: make the aversion small enough to guarantee success and as confidence and boldness evolves increase the size of the aversion in good measure.

Lastly, practice using the proper use of impressions in private as much as possible to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and optimal performance of said practice.

The best outcome is to practice daily for life whether you feel like it or not.


It’s virtue and value.

Quitter is your man.

He knows best and always treats a scam like a scam.

He walks away from trouble.

He looses out when people only see the trouble.

Double trouble looks just like Quitter.

He smiles real good.

He seems to follow the straight and narrow.

But he always looses all the right moves when he wants what he wants.

And he can’t help harming himself and others.

Sometimes it takes the proper action to make the best outcomes.

Quitter can produce good outcomes because he practices using the proper use of impressions.

Double trouble can act real sincere but always produces outcomes by harming himself and others.

Virtue may appear to be old fashion and a little plain to observe.

But the true value is that it will help you make the proper decisions.

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An Awkward Question

Life lessons don’t happen in ugly ways all the time.

Big money buys small money in polite ways.

Mutual interest has a big say in it.

Do you track your own finances for today or like big money?

It is not polite to ask, but I need to express the way big money spends smart money.

And as long as we don’t harm too many against their will, it is a moot question.

We are ‘us and them’.

But not everyone plays by the rules…