Showing All My Love

My rapture or passion for a woman can be too much in a healthy relationship.

She is good to me, and I am too obsessed with her.

I need to be alone.

I can take a hint:  even when her two big brothers need to remind me to leave.

There is romance, flirtations and good love and good times,

And there is repressed anger and bad love and bad times,

I am learning to get through the bad times and live well in the good times.

I am accepting my repressed anger and letting the passion out in safer ways,

Let me show you:

Happy Halloween 2018

The Great Pumpkin Pursuit is sure to entice you.

Get on your bat bike, visite d’halloween, go to Rocky Horror Picture show and sing-along!

The night is young and Alien obductions are sure to occur,

The Original Monster Mash is playing, go ask someone to dance.

Get your freaks and treats, do your tricks and pics.

Be loud with mass hysteria, but don’t let the dead wake you.

Many of us did it all on the weekend or plan to entertain the little ones tonight.

Don’t stay up too late, gutta go to work tomorrow!


Happiness Is…

  1. Confronting my alter ego, her name is ‘Rogue’.
  2. Making great writing about happiness: reading,researching, rehearsing, recording,reviewing,
  3. Money
  4. Consumerism
  5. Materialism
  6. Reason
  7. Emotion
  8. Thinking
  9. Action
  10. Acceptance
  11. Engaged
  12. Belief
  13. Assessment
  14. Proper Use Of Impressions
  15. Do no harm

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Bed Bug

Spiders among other insects eat bed bugs.

The eventual demise of this blood sucker may be the common dust mite.

A combination of good housekeeping and herding effect of other apartments getting in the bug doctor will have some effect.

A, You’re An Asshole by Miss Molly (AKA) Aman

“An alphabet book for Ellen Field (AKA) George Bowering

associated with a tributing `Vermeer`s Light

George Bowering Poems 1996-2006`

Apple Inc. is not worth over a trillion dollars in 2018…

Appropriate Askance from men apply to me only.

Add consent to all our personal business and you might have some air to breathe.


Ape me not you and you will attend the picture.

Do me less harm and do yourself a favor.

A tribute to abc poet.



What Canada Is Saying About Climate Change/Global Warming

Should we loose track of the original argument?

“1.1 all around the world, 6.4 Celsius stop global warming,1990/2100.”

CBC says more about climate change.

For the late Doug Bennett

14 year ago, a provocative lyric writer named Doug arrived at the Pearly Gates.

He made his way from Toronto to the Canadian west coast in the seventies and made all the difference.

Doug And The Slugs played University Campus in the 80’s. I remember them at the U of A.

And I will remember Doug as a great writer and member of this unique Canadian band.

Keep belting out the tunes”Doug And The Slugs” will play music forever.