Giving Up My World or Dream

“…don’t make dreams your master,

Don’t make thoughts your aim.”

To have an intrinsic goal like finding more joy and happiness in my life,

To create habits like mindfulness, meditation, journaling and blogging,

Practice good nutrition, exercise, sleeping

Practice listening and learning,

Be a good person or live the good life,

Do my opus,

The ‘why’ or answer is to practice philosophy because it ads more to life than it takes away,

Philosophy can show a good way to renew the present.

Hating People

Hate speech, hate spin and poor behavior at best…

To scapegoat an issue or people based on assumptions or misusing other people who have reason to be so upset…

It is hard to see the problem when deeply embroiled in an ongoing problem.

Why were the Nazis so afraid, hateful and abusive to Jewish people?

Why are people feeling this same way about other groups like Islam?

Whipping up hate in groups of people lead to violence.

We don’t need this kind of behaviour in sensitive problems among big groups of people.

Individuals train themselves, with support from family and friends to correct this kind of needless violence against others, but sometimes it is left unchecked and grows into a large difficult complex issue.

Become informed, educated and change to be better able to deal with today’s hate problems.

Disturbing news like the these can really rock people to their core.

The following CBC news report is a good case and point: “Free speech firebrand Tommy Robinson’s contentious views on Islam spreading beyond the U.K.”

The Truth About Sleep

Sleep is very important to the use and functions of the body.

You need a proper sleep (7-9 hours for an adult).

Sleep hygiene is clean sheets, cool room, dark, quiet and undisturbed.

Be in the right state of mind: calm, sleepy and comfortable.

We have forgotten most of this common practice and need to make it a habit to enjoy regular sleep.

If you have any sleep problems, be sure to find practical workable solutions which prove viable over the long term.

We all love a good night’s sleep!

Alcohol-The Truth

There is a limit.

There is fear it causes cancer.

There are alcohol liver diseases.

Don’t drink at all or stick to the limit.

Alcohol affects every system of the body.

Your balance and hand-eye coordination, and self-control are all under fire.

Your body looses heat.

Drunkenness is all due to the amount of water in your body.

Alcohol makes you eat more.

Eating before you drink is good.

Polyphenols help heart but good food is better.

Booze doesn’t help you sleep.

Hangover remedies is all about drinking less.

Extra risks of alcohol drinking can actually go down if you stop drinking.

Yet, our love of alcohol will not change in this lifetime.

If I Were Epictetus….

If I were this ancient classic philosopher,

I would read and write, travel and explore and so much more.

I would study and research, listen and learn.

My goal would be to do no harm and to live the best I could within my own circumstances.

I would study psychology, anthropology, sociology and mathematics, physics and chemistry.

I would hike and bike and do all sorts of exercise.

I would spend time giving back in community.

If I were Epictetus, I would have done so much more,

Because I can read and write and study from hundreds of years of experience and because I was not a slave or lame or limited by my times and place in the world.

T.V. Addition

I quit many bad habits and I have been whittling down my TV addiction.

What is stopping me?

I think I will try and replace it with an audiobook while I prepare for work and bed.

I can turn off the audiobook when I read, write and study.

My goal is to read, write, study, research, exercise and sleep more.

It will be nice to be with people more and get out of the house more often.

I quit T.V. for 15 years but my purpose was less defined than now.

It is truly something I am willing to give up for life like smoking, booze and sugar!

Rebel Attack In Congo

The ongoing outbreak of Ebola is exasperated by the fighting in DRC.

Special attention and support is important with the complicated situation.

Safety first, especially with war and Ebola!