Stephen Lewis

Inspiration to save the world.

And yet, another honorary degree.

Only a year ago, a call to improve ourselves in the best way we know how.

A tribute to a humble and proud Canadian, who implores us all to be our best.

Gender Differences

A moral compass can usually help people with their differences.

All people are created equal, regardless of religion, sex, age or other differences.

To harm another due to discrimination needs to be actively resisted and educated against.

Learning to share power and embrace change is part of outgrowing prejudgement and needlessly blaming people who look or act different.

When social norms change it requires people who are ready to change too.

The writing will be on the wall:  nothing will hold us back.



Take air into your lungs, then expel it.

Feel how natural it is, without this automatic act by the body, there can be little life.

There are medical means to support those that need life support.

It’s terrible to be self conscious of this act.

One is usually anxious and hyperventilating,

But to use it as a metaphor, to rest and relax and move onto the next best thing,

This must be a good thing!


Being Your Best Self Is Part of The ‘Good Life’

Feeling is an important part of a reaction.

Feeling ‘down’, at your best, will produce a small reaction.

If you have excellent experience, mental health and can navigate through life with care, you probably live the ‘good life’.

Feeling ‘up’, at your best, will produce a small reaction.

Learning to decide what to do with your reaction will improve your’s and other’s well being.

Secular Version Of “God Bless You”


Thank you.




Have a nice day.

Have a good one.

Philosophy’s ultimate goal is to find ‘happiness’.

Human Rights For People In All places

Today, prison is a place calling out for reform.

There is a peaceful approach by inmates.

But riots and other forms of violence are occurring and face to face meeting are not always available.

Professional workers and the government are beginning to take notice.

Change will only occur when society demands it.

The Canadian prison system is calling for the public to pay attention.

Drinking Too Much

Zero tolerance seems to point to the truth,

Alcohol may have no place in a day to day way.

To understand the worth or issues with drinking alcohol,

Who cares attitude is a good starting point,

Don’t loose track of the big picture,

Identity the degree of your own problem,

Work on it and attract support from family and friends,

When friends become part of your problem

When to agree to disagree,

Booze and other harmful substances need not become a unaddressed problem,

Building the brain you want….

It’s All Love and Roses 2-who doesn’t love more romance

“Snow2”, granted the sequel is a pale imitation.

Yet, for those who didn’t get enough the first time,

I highly recommend more reindeer, Christmas and all that other stuff.

In terms of family entertainment, it is a no brainer and the kids never get enough Christmas!

Again, keep it all tucked away under the tree till the holidays.

I think we all get a little sentimental at Christmas and if this sounds like you, check out Snow2: