All For One, And One For All

Honour, freedom, truth…

People who dedicate themselves to the above principles.

A lot is demanded of said individuals:

A fierce loyalty that shows itself to like minded individuals,

A razor’s edge of singlemindedness that renews all sense of purpose,

A real sense of integrity that binds them all.

Perhaps, we all embody just an infinitesimal portion of such potent virtue.

But this keeps alive the boyish charms,

And the girlish glee of whom we honour.

This is a tribute, “The Three Musketeers” by Alexander Dumas.


Progress(things are getting better and better)

That’s to say current problems are the biggest challenge ever:  nuclear proliferation and climate change.

Education shows us that we are better than ever before.

This is a good time to live.

We can all contribute to the solving of current problems more because of past progress.

We are so much more than our ancestry and it will be true of the next generation.

Why not embrace life by struggling to see just how good our progress has been, will be and is at this very moment.

I dare you to watch this video:


Bribe Them

It’s a good way to get into the thick of things.

Is a bribe a good or bad thing?

It just depends on harm and the degree.

Anything in high degrees can cause excessive damage.

And the lose of life is always too high.

Everything is a possible temptation, and the higher the desire the harder an offer is to turn down.

A lot of different offers are available.

Some are rather provocative: sex, religion, politics and money, power and prestige.

So, get out there and register for those surveys, likes on social media or maybe a little extra attention from your heavenly desires.


We all have to be allowed to live our lives as harsh as we want to live them.

There are other traditions but this one speaks to all souls.

Honour they mother and father as a code of conduct.

Cultural laws bring forth examples to the world: do no violence against another.

Award those for more than physical honour.

Credibility and integrity in the face of the stereotype has a warrant to those who practice and participate in a most worthy action.

Our future will demonstrate life I will honour.


There is a great old forest on fire.

Crowning in the trees, the destruction is swift.

Animals racing to safety, some burning in the wake of the fire.

The crew works hard to put the thing out.

The straw boss directs the water bombers with his handset.

He makes sure the crew is out of harms way.

12 hour days, three square meals, 8 hours sleep, very little down time.

Choppers flying them from ‘a to b’.

Making sure the camp is okay.

Camp cook and bottle washer does her daily chores and watches camp while the firefighters dance.

Protecting the forest products and every thing that lives there by extension.

3 weeks in, one week out, rest time for the crew.

If people only new.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Bad feeling, the end is here…

Everything is automatic.

The height, walking without a safety line on the top of the world.

Negotiations are a must, criminals need to be set free.

Can you focus under pressure?

The best of everything, all the money you ever will want.

Every time you find an answer there is another question.

Get in line, the trouble is mounting,

Get some help before it is too late.

Do you have an investment in blood?

Voodoo, religion, and predestination…

Spirituality or other belief systems put limits on how to believe.

What is right?

Question everything.

Stay in the trenches.

Everybody loves you.

Don’t let evil carry you away!