We all have to be allowed to live our lives as harsh as we want to live them.

There are other traditions but this one speaks to all souls.

Honour they mother and father as a code of conduct.

Cultural laws bring forth examples to the world: do no violence against another.

Award those for more than physical honour.

Credibility and integrity in the face of the stereotype has a warrant to those who practice and participate in a most worthy action.

Our future will demonstrate life I will honour.



There is a great old forest on fire.

Crowning in the trees, the destruction is swift.

Animals racing to safety, some burning in the wake of the fire.

The crew works hard to put the thing out.

The straw boss directs the water bombers with his handset.

He makes sure the crew is out of harms way.

12 hour days, three square meals, 8 hours sleep, very little down time.

Choppers flying them from ‘a to b’.

Making sure the camp is okay.

Camp cook and bottle washer does her daily chores and watches camp while the firefighters dance.

Protecting the forest products and every thing that lives there by extension.

3 weeks in, one week out, rest time for the crew.

If people only new.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Bad feeling, the end is here…

Everything is automatic.

The height, walking without a safety line on the top of the world.

Negotiations are a must, criminals need to be set free.

Can you focus under pressure?

The best of everything, all the money you ever will want.

Every time you find an answer there is another question.

Get in line, the trouble is mounting,

Get some help before it is too late.

Do you have an investment in blood?

Voodoo, religion, and predestination…

Spirituality or other belief systems put limits on how to believe.

What is right?

Question everything.

Stay in the trenches.

Everybody loves you.

Don’t let evil carry you away!

Three Day Apple A Day Diet

I am cutting down on the apples.

I call it the “One Day Apple A Day Diet”

After a gallstone attack last month, I have decided to back peddle on this diet.

I spent a week eating safe food.

I have had no more attacks or symptoms.

The only thing I changed was the amount of apples.

I maintain a health diet and exercise program and will speak about it with health professionals.

I love the apples but they may be responsible.

I am playing it safer.

Will update in another month.


It takes many forms like standing safely up for yourself when confronting the day to day problems in coping and thriving in a changing sea of opportunity.

Can I take this step or must I cut it down to size or find another direction?

What form is needed in this moment: breathe, think, feel, accept, awareness, action, belief.

Physical courage and moral courage are difficult to define. Plato leaves much to uncover from his debate among three men. What about three different people?

If I do ‘a’ will it cause ‘b’, therefore do ‘c’.

If I ask for a raise will it cause more harm than good? Put it on the back burner and think about it by doing research.

Sometimes it takes time to understand or it may be beyond understanding and it is truest to stand firm or find another more viable alternative.

Courage has an unknown quality to it that is hard to put into words.

Devine your own courage, it lies between the two extremes of physical courage and fortitude-think about it!


Ebola Situation Report For Democratic Republic Of Congo

This is the 15 report that involves the most current situation of the Ebola disease in this region.


It is considered to be nearly over after 2 incubation periods of the virus which is 42 days.

Yet it must be said, there needs to be global cooperation to maintain support for health and welfare in any crisis.

The psychology effects alone warrants consideration for ongoing financial support.

The potential for future outbreaks must be entertained to cover further possible instances.

With all the work and study, help and support, this situation report is good news.

WHO and the UN are sustaining the good work necessary to maintain global cooperation and collaboration against any current or future Ebola situation in DRC or elsewhere.

Our hearts go out to all those who were effected by this deadly disease and we offer our condolences to the families and friends of the deaths related in this situation report.

We have broken things up pretty good.

Mankind is still available for small group activities, and humanity is still raging on with death and destruction.

The goal is to understand competition, hatred and acting in self-destructive group-acts like war.

It’s not always polite to stare in the mirror.

Sometimes we need to go about the business of procreation, raising the family, community, going to work, etc.

It would have been nice to go to a four day work week, but we fucked that up when we started to think IT was the end all be all.

Technology and science by extension are pretty heady, but so is having a sanity for the individual and group to grow into the 21 century.

It seems like a good time to use old technology like mindfulness or meditation.

Old ideas like globalization can’t be all bad.

Things can still go south with unknown diseases, over population, poverty, natural disaster and more.

Never a dull moment with human consciousness.

Sinful Confessions

I love gadgets.

I have always wanted an Apple Watch ( and recently a Ticwatch E).

Me, me, me, I, I,I,want, want, want,

I’ve watched so many YouTube vids, and ads from Apple and Google, but I am saying no.

My life is staying lean.

I flee the consumer scene.

My writing is first and foremost in my mind.

My health is still running a good maintenance program.

I work hard everyday.

I have a need for speed.

Still struggling with desire.