My Extinction

In this dialogue, I am having a conversation about the loss of the middle child. The two characters are me and myself.

Me: Just don’t stand there, Save me, I need help.

Myself: What are you so worked up about, you are not dead yet.

Me: The middle child is loosing ground in the USA.

Ms: People are not having as many children. We are starting to immigrate from many troubled places around the planet.

Me: I know, but why is my sperm count so low. Why am I single?

Ms: I don’t know, and don’t be so disrespectful about ‘me’.

Me: Okay, I am confused about health, life, nationalism. I am in fear of a way of life.

Ms: Better talk about it some more. Maybe do more reading and writing on the topic.

Me: Is it the real topic or is it nationalism, racism, immigrants, war, poverty?

Ms: You know it is all those things.

Me: Weird being a problem child.

Ms: Good to see you have a sense of humour about yourself and the situation.

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