This sounds suspiciously like the blame or shame game.

Or violence begets violence.

There are always going to be people afraid of technology or imaginary outcomes.

Some believe in ‘end of days’.

Why not seek to understand the fearful’s point of view.


Global Cult

It is here as a microcosm.

It is in disguise as an unaffiliated group of individuals who have the willingness to improve the human race as a whole.

It has no leader or the leader is still unaware.

These individuals have seven characteristics that emerge as their purpose becomes more finite.

They all use devices, travel the world and try to produce good things to finance continual travel.

A new philosophy is emerging that will unite them and produce a leader and group of known followers.

Will this be the new nationalism?

No, humanity has always persecuted itself.

No need to forget, a great need to forgive.


The Finite Optimist

As Kipling once wrote, don’t make dreams your master, or thoughts your aim.

To act in accord with dream and thought is an art.

The proper action for the proper thought or dream requires a saints heart and an engineers mind.

It is practical to have a set of rules that allow us to uncover the secrets in life and explore the unknown.

We need to read far and wide and understand to envision the progress the future will hold.

Can you treat your body properly so it will function and stay healthy?

Can you process and build on earth to help it function and stay healthy?

These mysteries require discovery, recovery and more.

Go explore.

Love Life

A reflection of compassion, simplicity and patience is to pray, love and laugh.

A good soul is to use the mind in the above way.

Many famous people are kept alive through ideas we attribute to them.

We all struggle to free ourselves from vice or temptations.

The harm done through ignorance, mistakes and violence lend doubt and fear to the ups and downs in living day to day.

Even contemporary philosophy is against finite optimism.

To conquer all this injury requires a power rule, not to mention a lot of help and work.

Maybe it is time to resurrect some form of care and attention to our woes.

Perhaps, more love is the remedy.

How Does Blood Sugar Balance Improve Your Overall Health?

First, the liver does it 100 times more than the pancreas.

Second, to keep a healthy liver, we need to cut down on sugars and alcohol.

Third, to improve liver health we need to do short intensive workouts throughout the day, shoot for 7 hours sleep each night, and eat bitter veggies to the tune of seven cups a day, for example try a Kale shake each morning.

If you want to do all the above, try watching this video to understand the ideas behind the practice.

Vertical Growth

To be innovative, a finite optimist and a person encapsulating an engineer’s mind (someone who loves rules and how do build something) is a start up or someone who will join a start up that will experience exponential growth.

To create, optimistically, innovatively by massaging the rules and setting finite goals to produce and build on the global basis (this is the final outcome).

There is a future and the vision is clear and positive.

Progress may seem like a dirty word, but it also describes the growth towards sustainability.

Think hard and long before acting on an original idea to build a useful business or participate in one.



Ted Talk On Opiate Addiction

There is a ‘why’ and ‘how’ to every problem.

Mind you, it takes finite optimism:  goals for doable positive outcomes.

And it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself and your doctor on the problem and the solution.

There is no doubt opiates are here to stay and the drug and people who need to use it, doctor’s and patients, need to learn how and why to step off the drug in a healthy way.

To be completely honest, some ‘start up’ needs to educate these people to help manage a global problem.

That’s, my two cents, if you are curious, watch this Ted Talk:  https://youtu.be/WhpAYw9kCt8