“The Three Day Apple A Day Plan”-update

Well it has been about a month of apples.

I am beginning to enjoy my meals.

The Apple habit is solid.

I have forgotten to eat an apple before a meal twice.

The changes for me are slow and easy.

I notice what I eat and when I eat.

The Apple marks each meal.

I am slowly getting into more walking, stretching and weights.

My appetite is becoming more manageable: my cravings are becoming less pronounced and I feel more self-control.

All in all, the gradual change in diet and exercise is becoming better.

My plan is to give a monthly update for the next year.

Wish me luck!

North American Racism

This region has a large group of people who happen to be people of color or “visible minorities”.

This is important because too many people become homeless due to factors that point to Racism.

Too many people go to prison due to law that is decidedly racist.

”Whiteness “ may help describe the problem.

Democracy is a factor that points to Racism in this region.

The sooner we say we have a problem with racism in Canada, the sooner we can work out problems of racism in Canada.

We have racism in Canada!



Aboriginal Racism In Canada

The color of racism is hard to see in this country.

Democracy seems to cover it up.

There are plenty of resources spent on research and study, government committee and institutions give assembled programs to gloss over the problem.

But look at the pain and suffering and read about the problem and there is little doubt about the size of the situation.

Read “The Pickton File” by Stevie Cameron,

Or “The Colour Of Democracy: Racism in Canadian Society ”

Anti-racism can help, but a hand full of activists won’t move this mountain.

Check out this old Maclean’s magazine article:


Love Cures Everything, Heals All Wounds, Drowns All Sorrows…

What is love?

It is a fruit which ripens and feeds the masses or the individual.

It is many fruits, but it has been called the fruit of the spirit.

When the mind is open to joy,

there is a feeling greater than happiness,

joy flows like water from the sea.

When the mind is complete with peace,

there is a sense of tranquility in one’s being.

When the mind is open to patience,

there is a feeling that allows one to wait for all to stop or end.

When the mind is smooth with kindness,

one can adapt to anyone or anything.

When the mind is in a state of goodness,

one experiences the best part of all things and all people.

When the mind is full of faithfulness,

one is sure and trusting in all they say and do.

When the mind finds gentleness,

one has power and strength to keep passions under control.

When the mind arrives with self-control,

one has strong mastery over one’s thoughts and actions.

It is when the mind is in a state of love that all this fruit allows one to overcome all wounds, and sorrows, to be free, if only for a moment, to be one with all that can be said or done.

This powerful way of seeing the best of the mind to be the best one can be, is a way to practice being a person who is living in a way that religion and philosophy have sought out for thousands of years.


There Is No Safety Net

People live cheque to cheque.

We all do with less and less and it costs more and more.

We are falling into a big hole.

But people keep at it, even with these large shifts in lifestyle.

We need to change the way we are falling into this trap.

Awareness is the first step.

At some point we need to take action.

We need to find a solution.

This is why people are going bankrupt.

External Authority

I think about failure and success when I evaluate power and authority.

To do this effectively with Authority is an exercise in honesty to oneself.

No one wants to admit their failure in growing up, school, sports, relationships.

As adults we use external authority in society to follow commands or orders.

As adults we all follow orders, question orders and stand up to external authority when we are resolving disputes.

How is that working for you?

We all make mistakes and some haunt us for a very long time.

We are restructuring External Authority from the inside out.

A few important changes are happening in our society with the humanities: women, race, L.G.B.T.,Patriarchal Authority, Climate Change, Globalization and more…

It is time to think about external authority, especially our knowledge, understanding, and use/experience in our society today.

Wikipedia is a good place to start:


Can Philosophy Help You With Relationships?



There is a counsellor philosophy that is a method solving life’s ups and downs:  change.

One prescribed method is the PEACE method which is outlined in the book, Plato Not Prozac! by Lou Marinoff, PH.D.

Having an interest in philosophy seems to have spilled over into other areas of my life.

I suggest being a life long student in all your affairs.

In my case, I am curious about everything and there by developed a generalist attitude towards knowledge, life and my day to day affairs.

To put it in a nut shell, can applying philosophy to relationships help solve problem?

I believe we do it all the time.

To establish a set of rules or principles to live by is very virtuous and somewhat frowned on in today’s society.

But to be curious and want more out of life has given me license to see the sense in being more philosophical about relationships.

I am not advocating philosophy as a way to practice living with your significant other, but philosophy has much to give to us all in one form or another.




Vincent Van Gogh Vs. Marcus Aurelius: Offense And Harm

In this dialogue two famous people argue about Offense and Harm.


Vincent: “Sorrow” is so beautiful. I don’t understand how such a depiction of beauty can offend my co-worker.

Marcus: Truly, you must understand, you have drawn a picture of a pregnant nude woman and displayed it in a public place, your office space, your work office. Your co-worker, a woman, needs you to take down this piece of work, unless you comply with this request, you will be relieved of your job.

V: The sense is that my office has my drawing displayed for the pleasure of myself and others. I can no more take offense to its truth or beauty, than I can take offense to breathing.

M: I am the supervisor. Under the new laws for sexual harassment, it is my job to state the facts and make sure you decide weather to comply or I will be forced to fire you.

V: If you were not such a bore, you would see my situation. I am suffering from a sense of injustice.

M: I only see too well that the root of your problem. You believe you are unjustly being forced to remove your artwork.

V: I do not want to feel angry and so self-betrayed, but you give me little choice in this matter.

M: You are at a cross road. You can look at your situation in a philosophical manner. The matter at hand demands you pay attention and seek to understand yourself. You obviously take some offense. Have you been harmed? Have you been injured physically? Against your will? If so, you can not be helped.

V: No, I retain no physical harm. I am offended.

M: Good. Because in Rome, we understand the difference. But here we no longer have sayings that help us keep a balance with such problems. You took offense to this women and this office, and me. Because our system rewards such behaviors. Even if you had sued the company and the woman, you still could loose your job. Society is protecting herself, not the individual. You need not take offense to her.

V: How? I am the creator of this art. I am the guilty party.

M: I want to help you contemplate this situation. This could just as easily been a centerfold from playboy. Although, a picture of this nature is clearly provocative. Some, still consider it art. What do you say?

V: Justices is blind. And yes, I see the subtleties in the playboy image Vs. art. I see my co-worker has a different taste in art than I do.

M: Yes, she definitely does. Do you want to loose this job to maintain your sense of pride?

V: My taste in art, is a sense of pride? Of course, it is, but how can you expect me to be so sensitive?

M: I believe we approach the crux of the situation. I wish you to go speak with your artist friend this weekend and attempt to understand.

As Vincent talks things over with his fellow artist (Paul Gauguin)-he becomes acutely aware how their own obsession with the form-a nude woman, might be offensive to another woman.

V: Paul tells me we are both guilty of offending women with our art work. That is to say, in this specific circumstance I am more aware of my co-workers point of view. After much contemplation, I realize my pride is not worth loosing a good job.

M: I am glad you are willing to change your painting. Would you try another suggestion which may help you and the office avoid other similar problems.

V: You want me to stop painting women?

M: No, of course not. But I would like you to consider making a top ten list of your work. Talk it over with your co-worker . Try to come to some agreement on a less offensive choice.

V: That I can do. I have many subjects.

M: Starry Starry Night?


Cognizant Dissonance

Are you turned on to your device like a slot machine?

Tune out or turn off, unplug from your device, often, for many hours each and every day.

Practice stopping your device. Practice being without your device.

Don’t let your device become a habit.

Don’t play it like a slot machine.

Don’t act on a craving to use it.

Don’t waste any precious time on your device.

Remember to become aware when you are using your devices in unhealthy ways.

You don’t need a device.