Canada Day, In Victoria BC

Going to the casino, for an outing with an older relative.

Going to keep in shape, my job is such a pain in the back.

Going to talk with my sister on the phone, she lives up Island and we only connect a couple times a year. But we talk on the phone all the time.

Going to do chores like clean walls at a relative’s apartment. I get to do my job and help out at the same time.

Going to read and write because I want to…

Going to enjoy some time with friends and relatives while I have a chance… Going back to work on Tuesday.

If you don’t like my ideas try out some of these:

Harlan Ellison

Master SF writer is being remembered and respected for the work he did over his lifetime.

Many believe his character reflected his own ‘angry young man’.

If so, perhaps the torch will be passed to another in society to befriend that segment of the population.

He wrote about diverse subject matter and never tired from using his talents in screen writing and articles.

A great work that will continue to be read and watched by many.

Thank you

In this episode a old Asian lady dressed with a traditional farmers hat, receives help from a working man walking home after a busy shift.

He is stumbling home on the main drag in town down Victoria, B.C.

In front of him the old lady is struggling to grab a blowing empty bottle from her large collection of recyclable pop bottles and cans.

He bends down and snaps it up and passes it to the old woman’s stretched out hand.

The old woman looks into his eyes with a gentle smile on her face, “Thank you.”

I’m Not Anti Junkie

The boys are on the war front.

Construction is physical and there are still a lot of shit that goes down.

But with drug testing or lack of, there seems to be polarizing effects in the job place.

Money, bills and extracurricular activities, they seem to be at war with us?

Drugs just muddy the water like fentanyl and other opiates, designers and cocktails…

You can’t scare’m straight, but some guys are seeking buddies and a way out.

Give Peace A Chance

WWI began in August 1914, flames destroyed Liege, Belgium.

The war didn’t end till November 11, 1918.

Back in the burnt city, 250 dead, many beat up, town sacked, 1100 houses destroyed and their vast library destroyed.

Oppressive silence everywhere.

Church destroyed.

Much of the damage done by Germany.

Sympathy lost for Germany in America.

This place became a symbol of the Great War.

Most of Europe and many parts of the world joined in the fight.

In 1917, America joined and lost 114,000 soldiers and they resented it.

Peace came in 1918, in a way, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Ottoman Empire and much of the old world order was lost.

The influenza epidemic claimed 20 million people around the world.

There was much starvation.

Lots of political turmoil.

The 20’s and 30’s seemed to be like an intermission to the war.

Many unexploded shells needed to be dug up.

So many relatives fought in the war.

We remember because it is still such a mystery as to it’s real reason.

Was it an arms race, nationalism, fears, hope for change, honor, social Darwinism, individuals, or something else?

Our world is facing similar problems.

We need to think about how war happens and how to keep the peace.

Check out the book or CD called “The War That Ended Peace:  The Road To 1914 by Margaret Mac Millan.

Do you believe war and peace are worth investigation?

Strong Gravitational Lenses

Einstien made sense when he,in the Theory Of General Relativity, guessed that a big mass can pull or bend light toward it due to its great mass.

The big telescope, Hubble, proved his idea by using the mass of a near by galaxy.

Oh, galaxy ESO 325-G004, why does thee love me so?

Now, to hear it in the news, decades later is just icing on the cake.

Another step closer to using science to make use of nature’s ways.

Go For Flow

Hurry up and stop or people sometimes race to a red light.

Keeping a balance in day to day affairs become a bit of a chore or a down right problem at times.

Take a state of mind, somedays rest is needed but work is also needed, other times neither work and one is stuck or worse.

I know myself on a good day, but maintenance is a constant companion.

Besides doing what is best for me and realistically possible, it is much easier when I go for flow.

It may not get done unless I can work out the details.

Sounds needlessly complicated and hard to do.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Going for flow, I try to be grateful for whatever happens in my day: OT, high maintenance problem, people, both and I take care of myself to stay in optimum shape to weather the experience.

Generally, week to week things work out.

Working it out, sounds like the lyrics from an old Doug and the Slugs song…

Value Village Visit

Go for a walk to swap and shop

Pick up a few items like screwdriver, screws and a putty knife.

Look around for an hour and put back the screwdriver, screws and putty knife.

Wandering around Sunday afternoon, actively relaxing and preparing for another workweek.

Mission accomplished, no harm, no foul.

Peacekeepers In West Africa

Unfriendly circumstances in this part of the country will make it unfit for travel:

Our military service people will need to work hard overseas and we want them to work safe and come back when they finish the job as best they are able.

I’m sure we all want a successful mission.

Helping people overseas is a thankless job.

Thank you.

Victoria, B.C., Canada Drug Epidemic

Today is just another day in downtown Victoria.

Today is Sunday, there has been two sirens since this morning and it is only 9:40 AM.

There has been 4000 deaths due to the fentanyl in Canada

Victoria has had 91, according to this older report from the TC:

The city is saving hundreds from their overdoses.

We all hope for the best for all involved with this war on drug overdoses.

It is bad in the US, Britain and it is a global problem.

We are all grateful for emergency services and anything that can help us as individuals and society to work through this major downer on the rollercoaster we call life.