Do men like school?

Doing the research for this question I found out three things: men like sex, men like school girl uniforms and kids don’t like school because it’s like prison.

So based on these references I think men are preoccupied and the question doesn’t come up.

Maybe we need to talk about it?

I like a nice compliment from a woman…

I woke up with a dream fresh in my head.

It was about applying for a job, hanging around for a course in the classrooms and being asked to go speak with this woman.

After class someone called my full name.

I thought it had something to do with the course we were doing.

She was attractive, she said my name again, “He won’t mind doing it.” I could see the collection of receipts stapled together as she waved it around talking with her hands. “He can handle it.” I thought it had something to do with the papers in her hand. She was talking to some other women.

“Hi Mike, I was just telling everybody, how nice it is to have you in our class”

As I am remembering this compliment, it strikes me how few men go to school.

I wonder why. We are all doing something.

The women seem to like school?

Do You Speak Math?

Math is just  bunch of ideas like language.

If you can speak, write and read, you can learn how to do math.

Infact, you can learn about anything when you brain is functioning at a normal limit.

Define frontal cortex, that part of the brain that organizes chaos.

That is also a pretty good definition for learning with our brain.

But, many things internally and externally determine our ability to remain basically healthy.

Reprise, Meaning, And Purpose (How to live the ‘good life’.)

Some say we have ‘no will’ and ‘environment’ controls all.

In today’s schools, left leaning administrators use these ideas to strip away creativity, individuality and believing&cultivating gratification.

Personality is the descriptive word for such a choice!

You are the one who will decide.

What about being nonviolent, wisdom and knowledge, courage, love and humanity, justice, temperance and spirituality & transcendence?

Is it a good idea to resurrect character and virtues to promote a good way to live?

At least the above 6, that are in all culture, all religion, all across the planet.

Don’t Give Up Your Freedom

But don’t abuse others or yourself with your freedom.

Your personal space can be used to express yourself:  connect with others when you stop to wait in a line up, try to catch the bus, or get stopped by the police.  But don’t harm yourself or others in the process.

We value our freedom of expression but need to be responsible for our actions at the same time.

Some people think time is money.  Use it wisely, why are you watching TV (again) tonight?

Have sex responsibly, and do everything else responsibly:  spend money, time, energy, other resources?

Be the best you can be:  it’s like we may only be here once, do you really want to waste anything?

We tend to cooperate and collaborate in all that we do.  It seems to work and give us freedom to boot.

If you live in a first world country:  think of a thousand things you are grateful about, a hundred things for a second world country, 10 things for a third world country…

Do we need to be told to use our freedom in a wise way?

Surrealism For Freedom Of Speech

I can’t here you.

My location is being protected to keep me safe.

Are you hiding in plain sight?

My culture can’t see me anymore.

Did they hide you in plain sight?

Of course not, they just want western civilization to collapse.

My western civilization has wings and will fly away if you try to collapse her.

I actually have a buzzing in my ears as my thought begins to strangle any semblance of vocalization.

Don’t choke on that thought, perhaps you shouldn’t allow yourself that thought.

Burdened by pride and prejudice, western civilization lost her footing and fell to her death.


Why are the bullied bullying the bully?

To be specific would criminalize the author of this ‘hate speech ‘.

From Poet To Reader

Reading the page, the text suddenly is lifting off the page.

I can see the image of the text displayed in front of me.

There is no reality, only our imagination, it arranges our thoughts into some kind of text image?

But how can I accept this ‘image nation’?

There must be some truth and beauty.

I am not a body and a mind.

What am I?

I see myself resolving into a bright light.

It turned off.

I am remembering a movie from my childhood.

It is called the “Fantastic Voyage”.

Instead of seeing the inside of my body, I am envisioning a surrreal dream.

I can hear myself, I feel warm, I am in warm coffee.

It sure as shit smells like coffee.

I can see light way up, maybe a thousand feet.

I am going to try and swim over to find the shore.

There seems to be an edge or barrier.  I can’t make anything out.

Shit, I know what this is, I am starting to wake up. I am having a lucid dream.

Are you listening to me!


What’s next?

I don’t know.

Beauty and Truth, don’t always look pleasant, the same, or stoic.

To show how it really is, takes a little play acting or showmanship.

The old cliché is to exaggerate the truth to make a point.

Why are you pressing that knife against my flesh?

Look, it is just made out of rubber and it bends, and flops around, it can’t even hurt you.

Salvador Dali famous painting showed a time piece melting in painting with all sorts of distortions, exaggerations, humour and odds and sods.


Just Wait A Minute

The bus stops, a white old lady struggles to get on with her walker.

“Just wait a minute!” Shouts an old black woman struggling to get up from her seat.

The white woman waits at a stand still.

The black lady nudges the white lady’s walker.

On a full bus, on the long weekend, the old white lady backs off the bus to let the black old lady off the bus.

This happens in complete silence. It is a long three minutes.