A Man’s Perspective On Nonviolence

As a boy, I assure you, I came across many violent acts which did not escape my notice.

My parents thought I was a gentle child, but I loved sports, tech stuff, reading and writing, people, biking, and hiking and school.

For this was a time for testing and setting limits in all areas of my life.

As I get older, I had a couple of violent incidences that always occur in teenage years.

But as I moved into manhood, I only had one major stumbling block: I became sick at first year university.

This is not a record of my ups and downs, but an outline.

I never really felt nonviolence was necessary when I was growing up because I had everything to prevent it in my lifestyle.

As a man, I read and watched the violence around me and realized how difficult it is to find a way to peace.

Some friends got sick, others died and most of it directly related to violence.

Many men end up in prison because of violence.

This is my reason for practicing nonviolence in all my affairs.

Rough and Tumble Play For Boys

Getting a lot of rough and tumble play may be hard for a boy if dad is not present, or done without a parent or loved one…

Boys are always getting cuts and bruises.

Boys love to play sports for this reason, it may even seem like an obsession, compulsive or hyperactivity.

Boys may appear overtly violent when in rough and tumble play.

Do boys get enough help with this activity at school?

Do we allow for this activity when socializing Boys?


Let’s Talk About Going To Secondary School For Boys

First, kids don’t always like to talk about this to parents or teachers.

Second, boys are more violent than girls and their need to express themselves in rough and tumble play is not considered enough at school and society.

With that said, here is a good article about talking to sixth graders about moving up to secondary school:


Do men like school?

Doing the research for this question I found out three things: men like sex, men like school girl uniforms and kids don’t like school because it’s like prison.

So based on these references I think men are preoccupied and the question doesn’t come up.

Maybe we need to talk about it?


I like a nice compliment from a woman…

I woke up with a dream fresh in my head.

It was about applying for a job, hanging around for a course in the classrooms and being asked to go speak with this woman.

After class someone called my full name.

I thought it had something to do with the course we were doing.

She was attractive, she said my name again, “He won’t mind doing it.” I could see the collection of receipts stapled together as she waved it around talking with her hands. “He can handle it.” I thought it had something to do with the papers in her hand. She was talking to some other women.

“Hi Mike, I was just telling everybody, how nice it is to have you in our class”

As I am remembering this compliment, it strikes me how few men go to school.

I wonder why. We are all doing something.

The women seem to like school?

Do You Speak Math?

Math is just  bunch of ideas like language.

If you can speak, write and read, you can learn how to do math.

Infact, you can learn about anything when you brain is functioning at a normal limit.

Define frontal cortex, that part of the brain that organizes chaos.

That is also a pretty good definition for learning with our brain.

But, many things internally and externally determine our ability to remain basically healthy.