What’s next?

I don’t know.

Beauty and Truth, don’t always look pleasant, the same, or stoic.

To show how it really is, takes a little play acting or showmanship.

The old cliché is to exaggerate the truth to make a point.

Why are you pressing that knife against my flesh?

Look, it is just made out of rubber and it bends, and flops around, it can’t even hurt you.

Salvador Dali famous painting showed a time piece melting in painting with all sorts of distortions, exaggerations, humour and odds and sods.


Just Wait A Minute

The bus stops, a white old lady struggles to get on with her walker.

“Just wait a minute!” Shouts an old black woman struggling to get up from her seat.

The white woman waits at a stand still.

The black lady nudges the white lady’s walker.

On a full bus, on the long weekend, the old white lady backs off the bus to let the black old lady off the bus.

This happens in complete silence. It is a long three minutes.

Opioid Crisis

It’s not just here in Canada, the U.S.A. Is suffering, as is many other countries around the world…

Miami Fl. is having a conference today

Nigeria is tiring of its crisis, there are no simple solutions.

Opioid agonist therapy

Learning about the problem is worth your effort.

People from all communities are working through this crisis.

Human Behavior (People are able to change)

Understanding who you are by understanding how your brain grows and operates.

What do genes have to do with behavior? This is most misunderstood.

Genes have nothing to do with behavior. But the environment turns on genes (or the instructions). Environment’s meaning changes from small to big. This area of understanding and facts is well worth learning all you can.

There is no determinism from genes because of our diverse environments. Think about it. What does culture have to do with it?

Brains and genes and culture coevolve.

Individual selection? Kin selection? Reciprocal altruism? It is very complicated it understand.

Be damned sure you understand human behavior before you judge yourself or others.

Learn to be your best self!

“Behave”. By Robert M Sapolsky

Challenging Humanity To Change [Borrowing Heavily From Kipling’s “If”]

Stay calm and own your state of mind, in all your love and wars: do no harm.

Keep faith in yourself, when everyone doubts you, but examine their doubts of you too.

Practice, the way, everyday, like it is more important than life itself.

Be transparent and honest, don’t become a liar.

Be loving and kind, don’t dwell on hatred.

Yet, don’t always show the proper use of impression or the wisdom of the ages…

Visualize the way but don’t become obsessed or impulsive about it.

Reason to set goals but don’t loose your ability to empathize.

Remember success and failure is a scam, behave like a student in both transactions.

Watch the truth you have written become misquoted by academics to persuade society to misbehave.

See life intrude with up and downs, yet use your practice to restore health within you.

Sometimes, it is wise to forgo a public record, the practice reminds you to practice not to preach for the wrong reasons.

Unify your mind and body, to be of service to your well being and others.

Be an actor on stage to show the crowd a good life but don’t loose yourself in the crowd.

Walk with powerful people but give power to those who treat others well.

Don’t let friends or family harm you.

Be compassionate to people but don’t forget to save some for yourself.

Use your time in a way that maintains a healthy sense of the past, present, and future.

Welcome to the human race: potency bribes the unbeliever, and hustle will help prod the straggler, and humility will help some avoid temptation.

What attracts us all to a better way of being?

Write it down, talk about it, practice it.

“John Lennon’s Psychedelic James Joyce” print. — Magic Teeth

This is a signed print of my colour James Joyce portrait with John Lennon’s
Psychedlic Rolls Royce design on his face. I like it. So will your fridge.
— Read on

James Joyce wrote a book called Ulysses.

To use this epic poem to symbolize modernist views is a good idea.

We are long overdue for a important epic.

Perhaps an epic author will do.