A Piece Of Technology…

Sacrifice all color,

Giving up on the human race,

Who am I to say,

Which way?

I’m not goin to buy my happiness.

Sad songs, chillin…

Reaching for freedom,

Giving up?

I’m trying and failing this time.

What are you going to do?

Giving up?

I will try again and again….

I really don’t need this piece of technology.

Give up the oil and gas, go for solar.

Let’s clean up this mess.

I am not suicidal.

The machine is a poor substitute for you and me.

I will give up all these toys.

We are all getting scared: climate change and technology make strange bedfellows.

I will succeed this time by giving up this little piece of technology.

You too. We are in this thing together.

An Optimist puts his money where his mouth is…

A behavior change will create a global citizen to be responsible for a global carbon tax, revenue neutral to solve the climate change problem.

Try to visualize the joy we all have to take this opportunity for change.

This question for climate change needs to be asked repeatedly or until the challenge units us all.

This global emergency requires people to practice being global citizens.

The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ we will unite under this common cause.

I am into it. I can’t wait to meet you all.

Climate Change, money and human behavior…

Why are we confused about all this stuff.

The planet is a tool for good.

Money is a tool for good.

People are a tool for good.

Change your behavior and you change your problems towards the good.

You end up better off and so does your treatment of money, the planet and everyone and everything.

Imagine if we all head in this direction.


It’s just like everything else.

“It’s just money changing hands.”

Put your best foot forward.

Use it in loving ways.

Be responsible and don’t be shy about it.

Like you, it grows old and dies.

Live life to the fullest.

It requires a lifelong learning process.

Yours is no better or worse than mine.

Humanity Loving Nature

Climate change is a symptom.

Human behaviour is the problem.

The solution is to change ourselves.

The human imagination can track a love for the planet and the universe.

Our care and attention can change our destructive economy into a planet friendly and universal health care system that supports nature and builds new ways to be green and a live on a happy planet without any destructive behaviour coming from us.

Why not think green, vote green and search for green solutions.

To act on this solution is the best chance for any stakeholder.

Clean up yourself and clean up the world.

A Hateful Longing For Revenge

The lord of power spoke to me,

Through constant craving for more.

He said I was right.

She said I was wrong.

Neither accepted my hate or reason for revenge.

He said, to error is human…

She said, love your neighbor.

But I was hating and thinking of ways to get back at the neighbor.

A deep feeling or resentment for the humiliation, along with an overwhelming sense of pride in my ways to be in control.

All the while I felt and thought, friends would listen and let me rant and rave.

One friend reminded me of a error he made.

One friend reminded me of the love she had for her neighbor.

Slowly my pride lost its power over my reason.

My hate stopped throbbing long enough to loose some of my impulsiveness.

I started to feel some self pity.

It was a pity that liked company, but my friends would not stand for it.

They kept getting me out for walks and asking me about other experiences that showed alternates to hate and revenge.

Should I have isolated or drank a drug, I would have misbehaved in stronger ways.

There is no easy way through pain and suffering…

It takes all the friends and support I have to help me recover from the loss of sanity.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the hate and revenge.

I can only remember a vague craving for them both.

I am grateful they don’t mean as much to me as my friends and my personal responsibilities.

The Athiest

Seeing is believing or knowing means more than believing…

I am responsible for what I say and do.

Yet, I accept mistakes in myself and others… to what end?

Yes, question me, and my kind answer has meaning and purpose.

Do I know it? Am I willing to learn and set right my mistakes?

Do not answer in haste.

Do not take a lifetime.

Do not take too long.

How long?

There is much learning to be done.

Learn patience, endurance and know thyself.

This is why belief is not enough and responsibility is earned through discovery of right action.

Much humility must be felt and no act of pride made, to feel humiliated is human and yet an act of violence, even against myself through ignorance must be learnt to avoid it.

Once learnt the violence must be cast aside to know my thoughts and beliefs so I can test my actions.

Again, to what end, to learn a response to my own ignorance and false ways.

No one is a saint or a sinner but many are false, violent and without a response.

Yet, when belief aids a human to better behavior, it can be helpful.

My arrogance stretches no further than my mistakes and the useful way I can find a good behavior and response.

This behavior is build on the belief, I need to improve my behavior and stop judging myself without need.

I need to be a lifelong student.

I need a lot of help along the way.

A lot more thought to this problem will be needed to find a mastery.

And yet, who is perfect or can keep the right action?

That is why my life is a work in progress.

The Theory Of Everything

It may sound simplistic that the universe started from a singularity.

Or that black holes are not that black, that in fact, there is some Hawking radiation escaping from them.

In his book, The Grand Design, he pauses to note the big and the small and everything in between.

The epic, the unified field theory is about putting it all together, questions like how does relativity relate to say quantum mechanics.

Imagine, making sense out of all of this…

Canada, among other nations, mark the passing of great scientists like Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Their contributions to science are still being examined today and for many years into our future,


The Revolutionary Human Spirit

Turn inwards to use the astonishing amount of human knowledge acquired from the previous three: the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution and the technology revolution.

Why do we stay so astonishingly ignorant about our behavior?

The human condition has petrified into a lump of poop.

We need to respect life, freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs, grass root conversations, being good citizens of the world, respecting other’s beliefs, promote diversity, and protect the environment and nature.

To flourish we need to strive to improve the human spirit!

The fourth revolution is the most important of them all.

We are all invited to come as we are, bring all your baggage, who knows, you may leave some when you go…

American Spirituality

Read and write, unplug…

Seeing the roots of the American Renaissance in their Spirituality.

What is our guide to our lives as technology eliminates people and replaces them with machines?

By living outside the norm, individuals put a face back on humanity.

To read Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman is to reconnect to past values which propose that people recover from the isolation and faceless aphorism we call ‘devices’.

A charter made of contemporary values might read peace, culture and eduction.

Let us strive, with our individuality to bring the ‘breath’ back to the American people.