People are taking more responsibilities with their sexuality and identity simply by asking questions, having experiences and making discoveries about themselves.

Parents and teachers are making great strides in their education and experience as well.

Mistakes are being made and there is a lot of chit-chat, but transparency is keeping everyone safer and calmer than ever before.

Life is still filled with survivors.

Yet, many people are thriving!

And many of the answers are still not worthy of discussion.

But the questions sure as hell are.

Don’t trust me (white, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant, atheist, questioner), meet the LGBTQ’s community who love to knock your socks off.

Hitch Hiker

Shit hawk is a cruel name, but very descriptive to a disappointed public.

Our shame runs deep because the sea gull’s disappointments match our own: there is no room for their home as our urban sprawl will overwhelm their habitat.

There morning cry’s wake the homeless with dry irony.

A positive image is taken from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, “How are you this sunny morning?”


Her visual odyssey to the indigenous of Northwestern British Columbia Canada spanned the late 19 Th and 20 Th century.

As she met many women who spoke to her of their culture and ways that rang true to a discovery of her own inner landscape.

She also connected with animals, the nature and art culture throughout the globe.

But she was born in Victoria, British Columbia and made the west coast her home.

A bronze statue depicting her, a beloved monkey and doggie, her wearing formal yet casual clothing and a pen in her hand is a commemorative of her writing career late in life.

Around town, her house and image survive her in many places.

National news speaks of her work as a mother would about a favourite daughter.

She has many sisters still.

Many stand with her spirit as a respectful way to acknowledge humanity.

A Piece Of Technology…

Sacrifice all color,

Giving up on the human race,

Who am I to say,

Which way?

I’m not goin to buy my happiness.

Sad songs, chillin…

Reaching for freedom,

Giving up?

I’m trying and failing this time.

What are you going to do?

Giving up?

I will try again and again….

I really don’t need this piece of technology.

Give up the oil and gas, go for solar.

Let’s clean up this mess.

I am not suicidal.

The machine is a poor substitute for you and me.

I will give up all these toys.

We are all getting scared: climate change and technology make strange bedfellows.

I will succeed this time by giving up this little piece of technology.

You too. We are in this thing together.

An Optimist puts his money where his mouth is…

A behavior change will create a global citizen to be responsible for a global carbon tax, revenue neutral to solve the climate change problem.

Try to visualize the joy we all have to take this opportunity for change.

This question for climate change needs to be asked repeatedly or until the challenge units us all.

This global emergency requires people to practice being global citizens.

The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ we will unite under this common cause.

I am into it. I can’t wait to meet you all.

Climate Change, money and human behavior…

Why are we confused about all this stuff.

The planet is a tool for good.

Money is a tool for good.

People are a tool for good.

Change your behavior and you change your problems towards the good.

You end up better off and so does your treatment of money, the planet and everyone and everything.

Imagine if we all head in this direction.


It’s just like everything else.

“It’s just money changing hands.”

Put your best foot forward.

Use it in loving ways.

Be responsible and don’t be shy about it.

Like you, it grows old and dies.

Live life to the fullest.

It requires a lifelong learning process.

Yours is no better or worse than mine.