Reading The Writing On The Wall

It says there is a limit to people, places and things.

This is important when trying to assess the use or how to treat oneself or others.

The proper use of impressions is like having a moral compass with problems we are faced with in our day to day lives.

Sometimes it is best to follow the rules or tried and true methods worked out by previous generations.

The past has paid dearly for all the answers, wealth and experience past down from our people, countries and more…

Presently, we are learning much and receiving much that is roughly described as good bad and ugly.

And the future holds more of the same.

Yet, moral discernment is a complex ability.

We need to use it in all manner of ways.

Today I fail.

Again, and again, and then, perhaps I will learn to set myself right.

In this same sense, some of us live and learn to some degree…

What we write on this wall is a true measure of our moral responsibilities.

I like to read and believe ever word on this wall of ours.

May we all contribute many more paragraphs….

Thinking About The Opus

A life in progress…

The body grows, works and produces.

It is lifelong in its overall fruition.

Art imitates life, the chance to live brings an opportunity to live well.

Failure and success are two ends of a continuum called ‘societies product’ or individual product.

Product does not make human beings.

The way to be is an open ended process.

What is your recipe?

Take A Pill?

How does the human body regulate itself?

When is it out of sync?

What does it mean to live?

What is addiction, chemical imbalance?

Most of the time medication is a way to moderate a system of balance in the body when the body is out of control.

Why is the body out of control?

When is it best to allow the body to heal itself?

How do we regulate the body metabolism to heal the body through sleep,exercise and nutrition?

Most of us are learning good habits and unlearning bad habits to do no harm.

Doctors, medicines and surgery are aides to help cure serious damage or manage damage to the human body and we need to learn when to use the medical system to help us.

We all agree to do no harm and to know our limits.

Know thyself and know thyphysician.

Standing Against The Tide

Caring about the environment is like being on the fence in today’s media swollen society. With countless collectives, left leanings, and political correct academics, is there a voice for the student naturalist?

Be a student ecologist.

Be a student of science.

Be a student of psychology.

Be a student of philosophy.

Be a student of common sense.

Be an innovative, business oriented worker.

Don’t be afraid of all the stuff that alarmists try to convey.

Be a healthy skeptic but be yourself.

Try to put your money and behaviours where your mouth says you are bound to enjoy.

Try to implement some of the good ideas into your lifestyle.

Doubt Vs. Faith: A Reason To Believe

In this dialogue, two old compatriots argue for a great cause:  A Reason To Believe.

Doubt:  I don’t believe you need a reason to do anything.

Faith:  I believe in you and others, but I need to believe in myself.  I have to but myself first in this way.  I have faith in us all.

D:  I don’t think there is right or a wrong way, I hesitate to answer anyone without the question coming first.

F:  There is no bad question or answer, but you need to have faith to believe in anything.

D:  One must doubt ‘faith’ to see what may be conjured during the process.  When one is not confident, it is only natural that some doubt creep into the equation.

F:  Faith is a good enough reason for me to believe in anything.

D:  Don’t ‘doubt’ you mean, but we all do, at one time or another.

F:  Yes, and we all find our way with faith, to some degree or another.

D:  So what reason is good enough for a belief in anything?

F:  We all struggle to know ourselves and act on that knowledge to make the best decisions.  We have the same struggles with complicated issues that require a judgement to do what is right.  We make mistakes and learn to learn or unlearn whatever is causing us error.  Nothing is ever that straight forward or if it is, we are able to take better responsibility for our part in the matter.  In this sense, we have some kind of reason to believe in ourselves, others, and the things that matter to us.

D:  True, I am responsible for myself and how I act, within my limitations.  Knowing my limits are difficult to know in some of my greyer areas.  And what I decide/chose to believe is full of doubt and faith.  I have come to grips with my doubt and my faith and take responsibility for these feelings.  Like I am ready to take responsibility for my actions by law.

F:  Yes, and for some that is following the law of God or their country and whatever they believe.  For me it is not enough to follow or even lead.  I may not make many mistakes outside the law.  But I make many mistakes as a human being.

D:  True, I am a citizen and try to follow the law of a world citizen.

F:  I need to have faith in many areas of my life and what I encounter in the world.  I don’t know all the answers or even feel competent to give a reason to believe.  But I have faith the conversation will continue to evolve and give us better ways to practice being a better human being.

D:  I admire your faith, but forgive my doubt, we will work on these problems together.

Pay Attention

How much is your attention worth to you?

In these days of ‘destracted survival’, we all need to slow down and pay attention to each other, the more anonymously the better.

A distracted driver is seen by everyone and a simple nod to a fellow witness helps calm the nervous system of the witnesses.

A look at someone walking beside you, in a friendly manner, relaxes the privacy issues.

To slow down and participate in day to day living is living.

Guru Parent

When is it right to parent the parent grandma?

Free range parenting verses helicopter parenting.

Doctor/parent, teacher/parent, coach/parent…

How can the parent get support and help?

When will the parent be ready for law and order?

Parents deserve our support and respect and society needs to be more helpful.

We have a very independent parent relationship and this needs to continue to be helpful.

Congratulations to all the new parents!


People are taking more responsibilities with their sexuality and identity simply by asking questions, having experiences and making discoveries about themselves.

Parents and teachers are making great strides in their education and experience as well.

Mistakes are being made and there is a lot of chit-chat, but transparency is keeping everyone safer and calmer than ever before.

Life is still filled with survivors.

Yet, many people are thriving!

And many of the answers are still not worthy of discussion.

But the questions sure as hell are.

Don’t trust me (white, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant, atheist, questioner), meet the LGBTQ’s community who love to knock your socks off.

Hitch Hiker

Shit hawk is a cruel name, but very descriptive to a disappointed public.

Our shame runs deep because the sea gull’s disappointments match our own: there is no room for their home as our urban sprawl will overwhelm their habitat.

There morning cry’s wake the homeless with dry irony.

A positive image is taken from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, “How are you this sunny morning?”


Her visual odyssey to the indigenous of Northwestern British Columbia Canada spanned the late 19 Th and 20 Th century.

As she met many women who spoke to her of their culture and ways that rang true to a discovery of her own inner landscape.

She also connected with animals, the nature and art culture throughout the globe.

But she was born in Victoria, British Columbia and made the west coast her home.

A bronze statue depicting her, a beloved monkey and doggie, her wearing formal yet casual clothing and a pen in her hand is a commemorative of her writing career late in life.

Around town, her house and image survive her in many places.

National news speaks of her work as a mother would about a favourite daughter.

She has many sisters still.

Many stand with her spirit as a respectful way to acknowledge humanity.