Lightening Is Electricity

Know your story, he was able to make many connections across disciplines: but he devoted himself to writing the story.

He had a passion for reading, writing, thinking, dreaming and creating things or making things up to write a good story.

What a curious thing, why would light carry all the energy from one cell to the other, it is transmitting electrical current from one cloud to another and dissipating electrical energy as heat. Surely, electrical energy is in its highest state when appearing as lightening & thunder.

Who am I to beg questions about such things? How does the weather turn cold? Is cold a lower state of energy?

He made an exam out of life. He welcomed an opportunity to live and examine his own with the self styled Socratic approach of philosophy. He studied his mind to uncover the proper use of impressions.

This lightening and electricity run through the mind like it does in the clouds, from cell to cell…

The Source

The parent of all we believe is here.

Why do we repel against a stronger, wiser, way of being?

We are fortunate to have a choice.

Albeit, a choice for a good life.

The inner peace is a place of tranquility.

This is the watering hole for the mind.

We choose to meditate to acquire this quenching substance for the mind.

It is as much a practice as it is a state of mind.

Being is the ‘spark of life’.

Why do we commit suicide?

This bliss is our own choosing.

We work our whole life to gain a sense of it.

There are so many beliefs.

And we fight over them all.

Yet, we have a choice over what we believe.

What are you choosing at this very moment?

A Life Hack is to know what you believe.

You get to decide if it is worth keeping in your life.

There is always time to change your mind.

A belief is just the software you use to act out the habits and behaviors in your life.

You are your own source of what is right and wrong.

It is a life long affair, enjoy the ups and downs.


To experience inner peace.

To meditate and learn to appreciate the feelings associated with inner well being.

To do all that is best for you on a regular basis.

To develop the work you do to be your best self as a good habit.

To be free from most harm and be willing to treat yourself and others to the fruit you grow within this husk.

To be alive and well within your physical limits because you have no inner limits.

To express this experience through your opus or life work.

To maintain a balance between ‘what is’ and yourself in the here and now.

To experience calm is a fruit from building and maintaining a program that results in this ‘truth and beauty’ in all your affairs.

I love to journal,write and walk,think, meditate and become peaceful

I want to teach and become a student in my life.

What can I do about it: journal, read, write, blog, write a book and study to do it.

Most of the time I am curious about meditation.

Most of the time I practice being calm and experience peacefulness.

I love to learn and practice how to do all of it.

I believe that is what my book will be all about.

This is my journey what will be yours?

Meditation: calm, still,silent (do no harm)

Awareness is a continuum between relaxation on one side and concentration on the other.

Calm is in the middle. Strive for calm to find the balance between the two.

Outwardly, it is a motionless human body. Paying attention to the calm body is a balance between relaxation and concentration. In this second way, the form is to sit with stable legs and hip using a natural curve in the spine as the support.

The third way is a calm being. This means to pause from speaking. Let go of the habit to verbalize. Allow the inner critic or commenting to pause.

The practice is called learning to sit quietly in a room with the self: meditation.

Practice all three ways to learn how to meditate.

To become aware:





Pause the body,

Pause the mind,

Pause the voice.

Calm, still, silence: do no harm.


Meditate in all your affairs.