The connection between me and now and what I do is important.

True, you concern me, and I am working to make something out of the things I know and respect.

From time to time, I become stuck and I can not move on with the task at hand.

I like to read and write.

I like to slowdown and unplug when I get stuck or tired during the day.

I need to perform basic tasks everyday:  sleep, eat, drink, work, play, socialize and be my best.

I like to exercise ‘the good life’.

Pathology tells me to not dwell on any extreme feelings because they may work me up when I’m in an aggravated state of mind.

Emotional responsibility is all about learning to control myself when I am experiencing stress in my life within my limits or vent and trust myself and others when I need to let go or need to recover form over compensating for my immediate distress.

There are many lessons to learn in life.

Being a human being is always a good exercise.

Good or bad, I am awakening to the idea that my bad self is my good self’s job.


Cowboy Drama (looking for Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour)

Action, dry-drunk, pissed off, loosing confidence is the same as loosing or ‘low self-esteem’.

A man is not always himself, especially when his self image is based on things like crime, violence, competition and a variety of sundry operations.

But a man likes to think he can be a ‘smooth operator’ or ‘cooling it’.

He is seemingly in competition with others, especially himself.

Sometimes he confuses or is in conflict with an object, he may be mistaking it as a person like a womanizer.

A cowboy has dreams like everyone else.

He knows he slips up sometimes.

Hell, he even denies it from time to time.

Life Is A Passion, Keep Her Safe

A racing competitive game of tennis brings pain, sorrow, love and joy.

Celebrate your loss with a little jig, “Hooray, hooray, I lost!”. I pretend my lose is the victory of a winner.

The wisdom won from a lose is more than sport, it is about learning to accept the pain and hate with a pairing of joy and love, to face your opponent with knowledge, understanding and respect (This is taught in youth through your coach during practice.)

I learn more in the painful experience of how to celebrate a lose from my father when ,as a child, I learn to hate my lose, yet I ape his jig, joy and love in preparation for a better way to behave…

The play of her and my dance will accompany my romance for her.

All life is passing wisdom from adult to child.

Learning and growing through a loving teaching relationship with my father and his life lessons.

So much life imprinted in my role of worker, husband, friend and player, father, candlestick maker.

Wisdom being passed on through and from each generation.

Life Is A Passion

Van Gogh’s painting of a pasture, countryside, or vineyard.

There is a woman and a man.

The contrast between the city and countryside is as stark as the culture in France and England.

A death of a father figure (an uncle ) is beginning to make an impact on the wealthy trader and the (goddess) restaurateur.

The trader is visiting his uncle’s (recently deceased) vineyard in the France countryside.  He must befriend a woman cousin and fellow winemaker.

They will make the wine.

He has fallen for the goddess., the vineyard and community.

Always struggle to make a living and turn it into a life of passion when you give your all to the ‘good life’.

Philosophy Can Be Used In All My Affairs

Henry David Thoreau said, “To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school… It is to solve some of the problems of life, not theoretically, but practically.”

Epictetus says, “As for diseases of the mind, against the philosophy is provided of remedies, being, in that respect, justly accounted to Medicine of the Mind.”

What is my Philosophy?

I like Epictetus and the work done by other stoics, who use the Socratic method. I also like Tao Te Ching and I Ching and the Eastern philosophy shown over the last 2500 years. I like the scientific method as a broad source of information and method of inquiry. but I am not a practitioner like “Plato Not Prozac! Applying Philosophy To Everyday Problems” by Lou Marinoff, PH.D.

To breath is enough.

To be is a gift.

To see is a luxury.

There are a Myriad of ways to weave philosophy into a practice.

It is not the attempt that counts.

It is a way some find is best for themselves and others.

I use it in all my affairs like a method to untie the knots that keep me from being well.