“Jacking up” is like “The Needle And Damage Done”

Who will juggle and who will be the juggler?

Who can kick King Ivory?

Take it nice and easy or do your nose drops.

Take your poison.

China White is quickly becoming a “me too” problem in the US Of A.

Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid.

People use it to manage pain from cancer and operations.

It is a controlled substance in most countries:  i.e. you need a prescription, manufacture and distribution are tightly controlled and monitored.

In the UK you can get up to seven years for illicit possession and supplying Fentanyl can result in a life sentence in prison.

Check out the facts jack.

Look into the stats Mat.

Do you know your sign?

Do you know the treatment?

Become aware of the information and how to use it to save lives.

Be a person who can live without drug problems through experience, strength and hope.

Listen to Neil Young’s song about drugs or read a book or watch a movie.

Study current affairs about drug epidemics and other drug problems.

Use your curiosity to become informed, protected, safe, and open minded about those who have a drug addiction or culture.

Never believe it will miss you or be easy to recover or control.

If you can’t kick a drug, consider talking to someone who is kicking it.

Look long and hard into drugs, don’t make naïve decisions about drug stuff because it may cause more harm than good.

Have fun, live, love, laugh!


We Are Made, We Are Not Born.

Let it Go!

The first 25 years give us the base for our commander.

Conventionality is the bane of our existence, but passion for passion’s sake can be a mistake.

What are we grateful for during the working years, the child rearing years?

Lay down the laws, but do them for ourselves first, be original, but moral.

From 25 to 50 we start to learn and create. We are busy. But we journal about everyday. We read everything. We store it all for the next 25 years.

The health we had we must repair. We must earn our freedom. Learn to learn, let the sanctions that frustrate our madness go.

Seize all the time left to us,make us expert meditators, give us strength and when we only have will to live, let us live within our shrinking limitations!

Let it go. Let us be century’s children. Keep living free. Read and write like there will be no tomorrow.

Hate In The News

“When we defend freedom of expression…it doesn’t mean we can censor the expressions that we don’t like. Religion, spiritual, and philosophical questions, should be open to debate.”-Frank La Rue, United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of expression.

The Ethics is about the right way to report the news.

As a reader, I need to know who I am reading and what they are representing in the news.

Who are the hate propagandists?

How are they selling me their hate?

I want to “follow” the hate propagandist and ‘out’ them for who and what they do.

Yet, this knee jerk reaction to hate is as silly as being anonymous because I can do more damage to my opponent.

Propaganda is also a tool used to advertise poor choices or ideas in the mainstream news. Many ideas have an appeal to those who follow or belong to “the group”.

I am increasingly interested in hate spin because it seems to be the strategy used by many groups with an agenda.

I could describe myself as a socially conscious alarmist who will not tolerate any group that uses hate to win an argument or mess up an agenda that an individual or group is using to gain respect and recognition in the community at large.

But this is only true in the worst sense. I am alarmed and I am intolerant of hate. There is a lack of respect for each other and for our groups. We don’t even represent our groups all that well. We need to demonstrate who and what we stand for in a clear manner for all to see.

Hate speech may vilify groups in systematic ways. Whipping up hate for all those who try to uphold shared values and belief does seem unfair at best and criminal at worst.

And there are those who generate contempt on the net, those in media who loose their objectivity to make more content and less news, our own values of fair play seem to work against us when our system seems to fail us. The list of ethical concerns become a burden when the extremes are noted by the socially conscious: dehumanized communities, religious hate, growing complexities, politicians blamed for race hate and the muddy issues in todays waxing and waning global news.

But the truth is still what the journalist will report. And the reader is seeking the truth to all the alarm and intolerance in the news. We all love to hate but to keep our objectivity we must identify it in the news and root it out from the facts. We do represent our respective groups. And regardless of the stakes held by one group or another. We all have the right to debate the question that define the world today. Freedom of expression is alive and well and living in the news today.

“The gift is to the giver-it comes back most to him…it cannot fail.”-Walt Whitman.

Everyone is giving to themselves when they do what is right to them.

Sometimes, the right thing is the wrong thing, like making a mistake.

Why do we make a mistake in the first place?

Of course there are degrees to the mistake, but in general, every mistake is an accident.

We all need to be human and learn to live with our mistakes.

This is by far the hardest lesson to learn, especially, when the degree of the mistake is high.

You do the time when you commit the crime.  And some crimes are very big mistakes.

Yet, the harm we do to ourselves do create internal conflict that requires deeper forms of help than rehabilitation.

Life is a complex system of awareness, acceptance, action, and belief, and each life is unique.

In this sense, ‘our gift to ourselves’ is life.

We are all responsible for our own well being and we choose to trust our well being to our loved ones when to do so is right for who we are.

In general, we are fortunate when we are able to trust ourselves and those who love and support us.

In many ways, every culture shares similar principles that show ‘a good life’ for community and society at large.

During the holiday season, it is our custom to practice the gift of giving and we all believe it gives most to the giver.  And we all attempt to share the wealth of these principles, in our own way, with all individuals.

Happy Holidays and Season Greetings.

Being Outside (Anti Anxiety)

Being aware of the sights and sounds:

Silence permeates the Forrest, the air hangs thick and fresh, a bird call, the tree, rock, water and hill.

It all fills the landscape with space, a beauty that roams free.

The calm, still, silence in nature captures the awareness of my whole self to deflect any worry I may harbor for the future.

To stand tall, outside my anxiety with high energy inside my body, I push myself to step towards the object of my depression.

Another words, I use my energy to act by doing the thing my anxiety engulfs.

I walk strongly, calmly towards and through the object of my anxiety.

I slowdown only to refocus my intention to do the things I am anxious to do until I am done and home to a safe place to rest.

I call it my anxiety workout.

I strive to use my high and moderate energy level every time I am anxious to do the ‘anxiety workout’.

I practice my anxiety workout to develop the habit in my day to day affairs.

I feel the inner landscape of my Anti Anxiety as a balm against any fear of freezing with anxiety.

I don’t worry about anxiety, I embrace it with all I am able to be in the moment.

Anxiety is truly a state of mind that comes and goes with some regularity, but remains forever an experience to use as a practice like a form of active meditation.

Anxiety is something to feel while I perform the everyday action of my day to day affairs.

It rises and falls like the tide.

I do not drown in it, I swim through it.

Anxiety is an addition to my awareness.

It is a counter weight that slows me down to a speed that allows me to see, feel, and sense in greater detail.

As a writer or human being, anxiety enhances being who and what I do to the degree that makes me clear in more moments rather than less.

Anxiety seems to make me clearer, sounder, calmer, still, silent, without harm toward myself or others.

Yes, I need to work through it like homework.

Yes, I spend my energy doing it on the regular basis.

Is it worth doing? Yes.

Anxiety Of Being (the simple feeling)

Behavior is important when working through very complex parts of being human.

I am describing being able to express feelings, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and who we are on the regular basis.

A big part of being me is about knowing who I am.

There is a lot of awareness or noticing who I am to be the best I can be in the moment.

I’m not a sadist, vain, egotist, arrogant, belligerent or a bully.

But I get depressed, sad, sentimental, scared, afraid, tired, lonely, hungry (cravings, lustful, jealous, obsessive, and ashamed from time to time).

But, don’t we all.

I get happy, calm, bored, aloof, lazy, driven, motivated, anxious, lively, alert, clear, excited, sober, and abrupt.

I feel, think, accept, act, believe and maintain a decent state of awareness.

I struggle to be responsible in a balanced sort of way.

Therefore, I believe there is a great deal of anxiety generated from simple day to day struggles to maintain a healthy level of self -control.

So, I take every opportunity I can to deconstruct my state of anxiety to determine the best course in the moment.

I usually, journal, talk to myself, and think about the day.

I practice good habits each day.

A good one for my anxiety is to act on my best behavior whenever I am tired, lonely, hungry or angry.

I can usually control my feelings better by practicing good habits when my energy is high, moderate or low.

I tend to take things on when my energy is high or moderate but minimize my action when my energy is low.

I believe all my life is important in shaping me into a good life.

I believe in doing a good job with my ‘bad-self’.

I will always take care of myself, so I can live well and engage myself and others in a healthy way.

I guess I have been blessed with good people and support and a willingness to be a healthy person.

So, why all the hubbub about being ‘anxious’?

I want to embrace my anxiety and use this feeling to express self-control and doing no harm to myself and others.

I am learning to act in a responsible, loving way in all my affairs: living well is it’s own reward!

Best of luck to all those trying to do the same in their lives.


The connection between me and now and what I do is important.

True, you concern me, and I am working to make something out of the things I know and respect.

From time to time, I become stuck and I can not move on with the task at hand.

I like to read and write.

I like to slowdown and unplug when I get stuck or tired during the day.

I need to perform basic tasks everyday:  sleep, eat, drink, work, play, socialize and be my best.

I like to exercise ‘the good life’.

Pathology tells me to not dwell on any extreme feelings because they may work me up when I’m in an aggravated state of mind.

Emotional responsibility is all about learning to control myself when I am experiencing stress in my life within my limits or vent and trust myself and others when I need to let go or need to recover form over compensating for my immediate distress.

There are many lessons to learn in life.

Being a human being is always a good exercise.

Good or bad, I am awakening to the idea that my bad self is my good self’s job.


Cowboy Drama (looking for Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour)

Action, dry-drunk, pissed off, loosing confidence is the same as loosing or ‘low self-esteem’.

A man is not always himself, especially when his self image is based on things like crime, violence, competition and a variety of sundry operations.

But a man likes to think he can be a ‘smooth operator’ or ‘cooling it’.

He is seemingly in competition with others, especially himself.

Sometimes he confuses or is in conflict with an object, he may be mistaking it as a person like a womanizer.

A cowboy has dreams like everyone else.

He knows he slips up sometimes.

Hell, he even denies it from time to time.

Life Is A Passion, Keep Her Safe

A racing competitive game of tennis brings pain, sorrow, love and joy.

Celebrate your loss with a little jig, “Hooray, hooray, I lost!”. I pretend my lose is the victory of a winner.

The wisdom won from a lose is more than sport, it is about learning to accept the pain and hate with a pairing of joy and love, to face your opponent with knowledge, understanding and respect (This is taught in youth through your coach during practice.)

I learn more in the painful experience of how to celebrate a lose from my father when ,as a child, I learn to hate my lose, yet I ape his jig, joy and love in preparation for a better way to behave…

The play of her and my dance will accompany my romance for her.

All life is passing wisdom from adult to child.

Learning and growing through a loving teaching relationship with my father and his life lessons.

So much life imprinted in my role of worker, husband, friend and player, father, candlestick maker.

Wisdom being passed on through and from each generation.