Red Fern

It’s leaves are turning colors

Autumnal scheming red, green yellow,

Burgundy becomes more intense…

Wild they grow, spore falls on the forest’ floor,

Nature nurtures with shaded cover and rains falling from above,

The wind is blocked by trees.

(Once the fronds break, they do not come back.)

Osmunda, your cinnamon color shows,

You love the heavy shades in the thickest thickets.

Slowly, your ferns spread, narrow fronds upright, emerging soft green, maturing to blue green, hugging moisture in the deep wet soils.

Your densely matted roots protect the soils from erosion.

You capture the morning sun or the afternoon shades as your flowers only appear in summer.

This fall your beauty is enhanced with the color of cinnamon!

We Call It Man Joy

No it’s not having a good time or being rewarded in anyway.

As a matter a fact, she or he or any mature adult can be happy living with the good, bad and the ugly.

It is hard won through experience at getting control over yourself and learning to tolerate or at least feel the pain and eventually process the experience.

Life is a struggle with lots of mistakes and numbing pain, blocked out memory and an array of problems and stuff.

Sometimes it’s a serious disease or other dysfunctional experience to grieve or worse.

And all the while people still want to live,

Even with all the pain, life taking thoughts, some part, with enough help and support is hanging on to life and limb.

Chilling Out

Looking out for number one.

Trying too hard to work things out:

Too hot to work out, too cold to make things right.

Hiding the truth, by doing too much, being too hard and serious, too many heart beats, too scared to live too scared to die.

I use to be able to sleep.  I use to make things feel okay.  I’m too busy being okay.  I’m too late to make something of myself.

But the shine will come again, I’ll feel better after laying back today.  I’ll have more fun tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’m ready to make a change.

Today my friend is rest and peace.  I like to scribble down my thoughts as I finish a hot cup.  I like to sit back in my captain’s chair and listen to some tunes.

I’m thinking about the lunch I’ll make and meals I’ll eat today.  I want to rest and read.  I want to get in the zone.  I plan to lie down and take a nap.  After, I will talk to my sister on the phone.

I wonder why she is looking at me.  What she means to me.  Where her heart is going when she moves away from me.  I think about her movement as I drink my coffee and listen to her words.

I hang up the phone and think about what people mean to me.  I don’t need to be up at 2 AM.  I don’t need winter.  But there are people here for the very same reason.  No one can find what to do.  But we all know how to breath.  We call out to each other and see so much truth and beauty.  We all repeat our silly habits.  We all know how to breath.  There is lots of light to see all we see.  2 AM is not a good time to read and write.  I feel like I am too bothered to sleep.  I look at all these people.  We just breath.  We all see.  There is lots of light to see.  Just be.  I’m free.

I’m tired of thinking about my life.  And all the things I want to do.  I need to stop and dream about what is best for me to do.

I just can’t take it.  I am ready to let go.  I am going to stop banging my head or fist against the door.  I just need to walk away and find another way.

Of all the things I believe in, I just need to do what I see in front of me.  I feel better after my rest and some play.  I know I’ve done good by people and myself.

It’s time to go back to the world and do what I do.  I found a way to take care of me and you.  I’m glad to talk with all of you.  It’s best when I take care of myself and chill out for the day.

Guess What?

Is global warming or climate change meaningful to you?  Can you figure out weather an earthquake will occur in your location?

How many disasters do you think about in your life?  Is the news a source of doom and gloom?

Today, the internet gives us more information to sift through than at any other time in history.  It is a platform for many discussions, debates, ads, cyber crimes, and much more.  People are tuned into their smart phones like they use to be tuned into their TV’s.  We literally have more devices than we need to use.

There is a community that is growing around the world.  New problems are arising on the daily, hourly and minute basis.  Ignorance, the truth, a lie, and conspiracy are becoming the new entertainment.

Things like fake news, conspiracy theory, and misinformation are truly confounding people.

Yet, sanity still provides stability for most people’s behaviour. The alarmists are just one of the many frustrations truly confounding people.

Parents and children are more afraid than most.  But humanity continues to thrive in the present overpopulated world.

Many people are just happy to go to work, do their chores and live a normal life.

But all this ‘guessing’ is starting to get on peoples nerves.  It is extra nice to unplug and take a break from time to time.

Can’t By writetothepoint1960

Can’t make happen when everybody is crazy.

Do you act that way because you are lazy?

Can’t stop you, the dog in you, looking hazy,

But the human side of you will love a daisy.

Can’t make you wait, shut you up or be still.

Don’t act on desires, or be persuaded by them.

Don’t be prompted by aversions, or act like you will kill.

And yet, don’t make yourself a saint or a priceless gem.

Can’t afford the resources in this universal game.

Can’t survive the law of nature perpetrated on this body.

Can’t assume you will tell me the answer to my claim.

And ‘this is that’ is puzzlement or oddly.

Can’t make you bear all the truth and beauty here.

Won’t make a pretty picture for everyone to see.

Look at the world as home for them there.

Or reach beyond your grasp to win the key.

Can’t risk a life to win a point for the team.

And peace is a hard won prize, harder than war.

And determination is the working part of the theme.

And wonderment is the gleaming part of the core.

Can’t force the issuer to work without direction.

You carry a compass with your compassion.

Don’t press the path with your objections.

Always look out for things that stay in fashion.

Can’t blind the issue with a moment of doubt.

Or find all the answers with your power.

Can’t be the savior with your route.

Can’t make it all better within the hour.

Can’t worry or hurry to the end.

With love, courage and willingness to improve,

Your life will become a most important friend.

Keep lively upon your path and in the groove.

How Focused Can You Be?

Will you pass the test?

Can you climb through any problem to find the viable answer?

There are ways to get better results: enhancements, devices, motivation, ambition, strengths or weakness, and the X-factor.

Most, look for flow in all they say and do.

Some can store a little away or create a winning routine.

What is your secret?

Can you make it work?

Try using the method above to make your objective.

Good habits are hard to find.

News Junkie

Too much news is like too much TV.

Binging sugar is like binging news: how much is enough?

Special news reports hit hard and it takes time and effort to digest the information.

It helps to talk and think about the news whenever you consume it.

There is life after the news.

Don’t dwell on any news.

Check in with yourself when you do.

Moderate and do enjoy your news.

Authentic Blogger

  • No ads (when you can afford it)
  • Only write to participate, produce and practice
  • Write to publish
  • Read other bloggers and writers (like and comment)
  • Use tags and other editing tools
  • Find your voice or style and experiment
  • Gives much as you take (be ethical and don’t always be serious)
  • Find a good way to make a living as an authentic writer
  • Be the student and the teacher
  • Try to learn from your mistakes

Happy Anniversary, even if WordPress and I have to say it.

A blog could be made into a book, but is there enough good content worth the edit?

I have used this platform the same way other writers do:  practice, produce content and learn to be a better writer or blogger.

It will be fun to have another seven years on this site.

Thanks for the chance to participate, produce and practice!


How many roles do I play where I am attempting to impress myself and others by using affected speech, being ostentatious, showy or overly ambitious, a pompous ass, artificially inflating my part, overblowing the issue, sounding high and mighty, using flowery speech, being grandiose and elaborating beyond the pale (like I am now).

We all do it. We all do it, badly.

So I practice the opposite: being genuine, telling things honestly.

I moderate my speech and behavior.

My virtue is modest, plain, simple, humble, and unconceited when I am at my best.

I attempt to write the way I talk, using common speech as a model towards writing simple truth and using plain language.

I am sick of hearing myself talk or being depicted in the first person.

I find it easier to use silence to persuade myself to use an economy of words when I speak.

But as a curious student who tries too hard to get it right. I tend to overdo my mistakes before I can become aware of them and take a better approach.

I offer you a chance to question all that I say here by engaging me or your closer friends in a chit-chat or discussion about this topic of being a ‘blowhard’.

I just found myself judging the clerk at the store today.  I said, “You are being pretentious.”  Of course, I was talking to myself.