Dry Drunk (Emotionally Irresponsible)

You are choosing to stop drinking.

Do you understand how important that is?

What, because I crave a drink?

Or, I forget to buy more?

No! Because you can still decide.

Didn’t you tell me, you helped some people because they were hurting, because they were indecisive?

No! I said they were indecisive to impress a lady I want to like me.


Can you sit here and deny the joy you feel at feeling you are making the right choice to stop drinking when it is harming you?

I am working hard at being a better person.

It must be part of the symptoms of doing the right thing.

I must be feeling good about the choice I make when I decide not to drink.

That’s it buddy.

Now, stick with it.

Or not, that’s also your choice.

Ya, I know.

You better know.

Now, get out of here.

The Misunderstood Virtue

Long-suffering is also known (present day) as patience.

Have you ever been caught between an office manager and a Field Supervisor or a friend and a family member?

My goal is to treat others well.

Especially when there are problems, misunderstandings, trouble, etc.

I want to be strong enough to do a good job.

I practice everyday.

I realize my life is part of others in all my affairs.

I don’t count myself or others as saints or sinners.

But we are all ‘messy’ human beings who live the best way we know how to do life.

I congratulate us all for the efforts we make each day.

There are so many people we need to be patient with today.

Everyone uses their patience to tolerate and accept other.

But not everyone can endure the same level of ‘being patient’.

The goal is to develop patience in yourself because it is a virtue.

Need I say more?

We are all moral and virtuous creatures to one degree or another.

We earn it and learn it through living well.

Good luck.

Balance(There is always that excuse.)

To have a glass of water with every meal.

To go out for a walk, to see the moon, to feel the fresh air, to be with people, : I don’t really care what you use for a reason.

To talk with a friend or relative.

To have an extra hour sleep at night.

To fast instead of eating supper.

To pick up around the house.

To read and write in any place.

To turn off any device for any reason.

To listen to calming sounds or music.

To meditate and be still, calm and silent.

To eat real food, mostly vegetables at every meal.

To work well with yourself and others.

To find peace, enjoyment, good company, good work, and good people each and everyday for the rest of your life.

To Do Vs To Be

Do I doubt myself?

Can I be a better person?

Can I find out how from my book shelf?

Am I, what you call an “unperson”?

Am I always trying to get ‘stuff done’?

Or, like the Greek sea god, I keep changing form?

Can’t I live a life of fun?

Or, must I always seek the norm?

Proteus, speak to me or I will ring your neck.

I can’t suffer fools and I hate disrespect.

Give me liberty up on deck,

Make my ship sail in a parsec.

I feel “do”, I feel “be”, where is me?

I act like I feel, but I don’t feel real.

My feelings are conflicted over who and what to do.

Should I go to the arctic or be full of pain or go insane?

I’ll skip the cold, I don’t need to numb out.

I’ll feel the pain to stay sane.

(This is the poet in me.)

Fierce Calmness and Silence

Sometimes, a routine is accompanied by change.

This newness activates a kind of motion.

The positive stress generates a flurry of activity.

The energy output is great.

The outcomes are great.

The X-factor is hard at work by going with the flow, synergy, confluence, cooperation, and collaboration.

It just feels fierce.

Human Mitochondria: Health and Disorder

Is your energy level low?

Science is studying the Transfer Ribose Nucleic Acid in the power house of your cells called Mitochondria to learn about disorder in your metabolic pathways.

“So what”,you may say, but a low energy level is difficult to manage on a good day.

Do you have trouble sleeping, eating, exercising, and working stuff out on the day to day basis?

Join the club, and find a better way to practice these habits.

Go for flow, stay calm and try to work together with your place of work and people you encounter throughout the day.

Read and write, another habit that makes you a better teacher and student.

Rest and relax, listen to music, go for a walk, create good habits to increase that energy level that may need improvement.

Have a nice day!

How Time Will Shrink or Expand

He is a bully with his precision.

But he measures, beats and flows.

There are moments and parts and streams where almost anything goes.

He allows forces like gravity to change us and makes everything grow and die.

His heart is cold and his mind is hot but he never really slows.

Be a fan or an enemy, he is indifferent as the weather.

His age is immortality’s length.

He has an unfathomable measure of strength.

He does not show his senses.

But you can measure him like a wavelength.

Duration is his passport.

He travels across the universe.

Nourishment From Nutrients

I’m asking you to give me “B” vitamins from Whole Foods.

Be gentle with legumes.

Be generous with water.

My mouth is the gateway for good bacteria.

Keep it shut when the bad try to enter.

Sometimes you must learn to be the student and the teacher.

The sleep and exercise are a must to keep the body and mind away from trouble.

Keep me well clothed for the season at hand.

Give me exercise for my mind.

Let me express my feelings, thoughts actions and beliefs in the proper use of the impression.

In return, I give you my full measure.

We will travel back across the universe, one day.

The Currency Of Love

Her coin is not gold, but energy is flowing from me to you.

What will you do in return?

My friend use to say, “It is only money changing hands”.

Yet, it looks like metal is being transmuted into gold.

I am energized by what I do.

Will you honor me by doing it too.

There is no price to pay, but perhaps we speak of gratuity.

Do we imagine a price that reflects what we do?

I believe I have found one way.

Can you?

I am nothing when I can’t write

My voice is like a stream, it ebbs and flows.

There is nothing sadder than when it runs dry.

My throat feels sore and my heart’ beating with more beats.

My voice is falling silent.

She will not say a word.

I dare not talk to her.

My motto is do no harm to me ‘and’ to others.

She remains quiet.

I am silenced with my voice turning inward I feel anger and pain.

My thought flows about the need to express these emotions.

She works silently all day.

I am proud of her work ethic.

Did my silent, still, calm, do no harm…

Did I prod her with my whimsy silence?

The map of my feeling go from anger to pain, to bliss.

I am transmuting pain into bliss.

My voice speaks the truth to beauty.

Or does beauty speak to me?

She is still silent.