Reasonable Doubt and the Stretch To An Alarmist’ Point of View

You must sit as a jurer or judge to experience the balancing act required in a court of law.

A dystopian or alarmist view is always about end of day scenarios.

To sit in court and be convicted of any crime convinces most people of its severity.

But somehow the observer of alarmist views are less discerning of the consequences.

Ofcouse a sentencing hearing is a rude awakening of consequence, but a review of some consequences for alarmist views are useful.

Ignorance is bliss, but one consequence is the unknown and many experience fear,anger and even denial.

Perhaps it is important to identify resonable doubt for judges, jury people or anyone entertaining an alarmist ‘ point of view.

Think again and again when you are convinced or believe an alarmist.

They are becoming too persuasive in today’s multimedia.

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