The Protestant Work Ethic Is Evaporating

With a confused humanity, mistakes abound, but are we confused?

Is the middle class evaporating?

Is there confusion about technology and what works in society?

Creative minds go to extreme limits or magical thinking to theorize and find method to test out these ideas (science).

Is there some kind of malaise or disconnect to reality?

Where are the Socratic questionnaires, skepticism and other questing philosophy to balance out human excesses?

Are we deaf, dumb and blind?

“Naked Lunch” or free lunch seems to be the prevailing belief system.

Either a return to a highly edited version of religion or a more systematic approach to atheism, neither will address a laziness or magical thinking abscess on the human psyche.

Do we need to change?

Are we being responsible?

We need people who can lead us through much needed changes, responsibilities and visions of a clear thinking society .

Everyone can benefit from thinking about questions like the ones above.

But only a precious few can give us guidance and leadership of the work towards a better future.

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