Blame (Just Another Feeling)

When we hate ourselves and others we say and do things we would never do without impaired judgement.

When we love ourselves and others we say and do things we would never do without impaired judgement.

The point is we can feel all our feelings in most situations without doing any harm.  But it is possible to loose control in almost any situation given the right circumstances.

Blame is just another feeling like love and hate.  There is no such thing as a bad feeling.  But loosing control is hard to do.  Feelings do become unmanageable.

Sometimes we do make mistakes and have accidents.

So, we learn to accept our past, mistakes and accidents.  We even learn to accept our lose of control.

We practice forgiving and forgetting in all our affairs.

Developing a healthy set of behaviours is a work in progress.  We change and live, learn and experience.  We use a lot of strength and hope.  And support and help are welcome watchwords that describe the way we live through and with change.  We learn to open up to the way we grow together.

Meditation and Other Nutrition For Human Development

Calm, feel the storm, just watch it till the sky becomes blue.

Still, watch the movement, see it go to and fro, eventually it will become still in the mind.

Silent, hear the sound, listen to the quiet, till the silence is just peace and quiet or tranquility.

The mind is full of storms and meditation helps us learn to play them out in a safe manner.

Yet, this activity requires solitude and a platform or set up that enhances the environment to accommodate the activity.

The body is sitting in a chair with good posture. The eyes are closed and through a tutor, teacher, book or vid, learn how to meditate.

The eyes are closed and allow the mind to find the canvas that allows the storm to play out in a Safeway.

If you allow your mind to construct the conditions above a practice can develop that will pay you in the form of benefits for the mind, body and your own belief system.

And experience all the storm, mental or emotional movement, all the sounds and sensations that happen in a safe environment as you practice finding peace and tranquility for your mind. This is the ultimate daily benefit for a mind.

Train your mind with meditation and other activities like eating, sleeping and exercise. These are all nutrition for the body mind and belief system.

Whatever you believe or however you want to say it, do, see, hear, feel, touch, taste, or experience. Remember this is about the good life or healthy living. This points in the direction to keep us free from needless pain and sorrow.

Other Good Things To Consider For Human Development

Your attitudes and beliefs act in your life to form habits with everyone or everything.

Who you are and who you choose to associate with are all habit forming and hence a kind of way of being.

Do you want to maintain your health, vigor, freedom, these people places and things must work towards that end or who you are.

We all overextend our limits and self correction will occur when we fast in whichever way brings us back to balance.

A child will burn its hand on the stove.

An adult will hang out with too much or too little.

The ‘middle way’ is different or original for each of our different or original needs or nutrition.

Too much alcohol may help one person to stop or the next person to create a problem with this substance.

One person may learn well through friends and another will only come to harm.

Even these differences in others are extremes. They vary greatly among each other.

Our body, minds and beliefs or ways are our experience, habits and outcomes in every aspect of our lives.

It is challenging to see patterns or learn knowledge of a truer development without learning, guidance, and better knowledge to accompany one when setting forth to live well each day, all day, in many ways.

In this sense, the ultimate answers are not complete or important.

Yet, answers come from within the mind.

The body, mind and way is forever growing until death.

Who knows maybe death is a good subject for meditation: it is much better not to be too serious.

If By writetothepoint1960

If I can work through loosing my head when I am honestly stuck.

If I can learn to regain my trust when I have lost it.

If I can wait, slow down and become calm to regain my patience,

Or when I lie, stop lying,

Or when I hate stop hating,

And not act too good or proud,

If I can stop making dreams my master,

If I can stop making thoughts my aim,

If I can treat success and failure the same.

If I bear to refrain from twisting the truth,

Or watch the work I have done wasted but reach out and retask it for further use.

If I can make one heap of all my wealth and risk it on my belief for a worthy cause.

If I can use the last drop of my life strength when I only have my self-will to hold and use.

If I can talk with people and remain myself,

If I can walk with authority and remain calm,

and not loose my common sense,

If I do no harm to others,

If people count with me but not too much.

If I can stop when I start to hurry and worry.

I will earn the treasure in life worth having and be a true adventurous human being.

[Plato,Philosopher], The Proper Use Of Impressions 

In this dialogue, Plato speaks to a fellow philosopher about the tool of reason and the stain of oratory, opinion and illusion on the practice of virtue.

Plato:  Oratory has the same relation to justice as a Supreme Court judge played by a actor: a mischievous, base interpretation which creates a false impression.  This illusion is fostered by props like costumes and makeup, a beauty without soul, the result of training and discipline.

Philosopher:   This is not reason but emotion.

P:  Yes, an exploitation, politics and makeup appeal to the emotions.

Pr:  We don’t need another Hitler or Mussolini.

P:  We need to practice virtue which is the proper use of impression.  A long view of philosophy, as a guide, along with reason to lead us away from the passion of warring and creating injustice and harm in the world.

Pr:  We need the Philosopher King

P:  Or we need to be more like the philosopher king.

Woman Bun or Man Bun?

“Rocking it, girl thing, hottest thing in fashion “, say women fashion writer’s.

There are women who flirt with fashion but are playing an equality card in their arena of image and publicity.

Are men doing the same thing?

What is the proper use of impressions when it delves into equality?

Can equal footing show more humanity or better ways to ‘be public’.

Humorous ways to display humanity are like comedic plays about being similarly disavowed or let go, a less serious approach to social change.

There are new ways to show yourself in society.

Fasting (A Discovery Process)

Funny, fast verses fast-food, is fasting the new way to transition from a mistake or bad habit to a discovery or a better way to correct or improve a habit?

What is ‘a fast’ physically?

It is the absence of a substance, idea, or thought, feeling or belief that ‘works’ as a bad habit.

What is the replacement for the bad habit?

Something that ‘works’ better or well in your specific life, that brings happiness or contentment without the harsh excitement of pleasure or addictive behaviors.

How much of a fast is good?

Some fasting is more painful than others.

But it is best to try less fasting first and with professional advice.

Is non-processed always better than processed?

Live pain free or as pain free as you can without doing further damage. For example, living with gallstones is painful, but reversible over time.

Surgery may remove the pain temporarily but it will reoccur.

Giving up smoking is painful for a few years, but cutting down causes years more damage and pain.

TV gives some pleasure, but gradually creates pain in your life.

It all depends on your willingness to live a healthy lifestyle.

These generalities about fasting are true for everyone.

But the changes you make in your life will result in a better life for you and your friends and families.

Gradually, people will benefit in large groups.

We have been improving our habits for eons.

And it will take eons more.

But to fast today will improve your life today.

Remember to check with your medical doctor and do your best to learn how to fast in a safe way.

There are lots of ways to learn how to have a better lifestyle.

But you are the only person who can change your habits.

Even you will fail before you have any long term change.

It may take years to stop a bad habit or live with the condition you caused through being ignorant or unaware of this bad habit: live, love, listen and learn.

Mike’s Fast and Dirty Thai (Coconut) Tomato Mushroom Stir Fry

1 Teaspoon of coconut oil in large fry pan

Put on medium heat,

Cut or chop 1 med red onion and simmer 1 minute

Cut 5-10 small Brussels Sprouts and add to mix

Add 500 ml soup, Thai Tomato Coconut

Don’t forget to add fresh mushroom (1 precut carton)

Add shredded pre-cooked chicken breast

Serves 2-4 people for lunch

Be sure to have a glass of your favorite table wine to enhance the lunch experience (day off lunch)


Learn how to regulate your habits to build a happy lifestyle.

It is true our brains can not understand the difference between good and bad habits.

But we can learn to make a conscious choice.

We can learn to replace a bad habit with a good one.

The habit is picked up (good or bad) because we develop a routine.

We practice the routine until a loop is formed in our brain.

We will use this habit automatically until we stop and replace it.

Our lives are a collection of habits that take a toll on our wellbeing.

If we choose them well, our lives unfold in good ways.

It is very important to learn how to regulate habits to have a happy life.

Most people know instinctively to stick with what works and let the rest go.

But habits require special knowledge to break, replace or improve.

We all need to learn how to regulate our habits.

If you think it is easy, try to stop yourself from doing a habit.

Consider your collection of habits.

Decide which habits are worth keeping and which are important to replace.

Most people will not be able to stop their bad habits or replace them with good ones.

Take time to learn how to regulate your habits.

It will be the most important habit you will ever learn.

Happiness Or Pleasure?

Calm, still and silent will prepare you to be happy.

Excitement will lead to a buzz which will give you pleasure.

To be happy is to connect with others.

To feel pleasure requires more excitement to experience the high every time.

To change from getting high to feeling happiness requires giving up a bad habit.

You can do this by substituting a good one for the bad one.

Give up a crazy habit and replace it with a sane one.

Stop the all nighter’s and replace it with a good night’s sleep.

Learn to compromise rather than always doing it your way.

Help a friend or a relative or connect with another person rather than consume or get more stuff.

Build a lifestyle with others rather than acquiring more and more material gain.

Cut loose from a life of excess and join a lifestyle of moderation.

Henry David Thoreau Says, “I have no time to be in a hurry”

Hurry creates bodily problems: excess strain on nerves, muscles and joints.

It makes the mind become confused and bothered by excess strain.

It makes trouble for yourself and others.

We all do it.

We can all stop doing it.

We need to slow down.

Train ourselves to be calm, still, silent and do no harm.

Train ourselves to be more aware, simple and compassionate.

Train ourselves to learn, love and laugh.