Buying Supplies And Goods

I spent 80 bucks at a hardware store to control my use of a 90 foot extension chord.

It is abused by me and others when I do not own it or take it home.  It is at the point that  is ridiculous.

Is it worth the return of sanity for 30 minutes everyday?

I carry it home every night.  I make sure I look after my investment or property.

I don’t have to own property.

But I believe this is why I am willing to buy this tool for work.

Is this the best way?


A lose of health due to a bad habit might be accepted as a form of insanity.

How many good habits does it take to be sane?

No one is sane all the time.

Perhaps, no one is insane all the time.

Many people turn the phrase of being mentally balanced.

I claim it is an ongoing struggle we pursue to gain better health.

Everyone agrees we need a better healthcare system.

I believe I need better health.

Like most of my resources I risk a little to gain more.

Have a 🏡 and a 🚗?

I will never own one.

I am a growing majority that chooses to control my use of money and avoid needless credit.

Would a parent live this way, there is no shame in a freeer lifestyle.

The busy city makes it nearly necessary to avoid the trap of extending beyond a healthy financial risk.

I still drive and dream of owing a whatchamacallit.  

What about you?


In a way, debit cards can buy anything.

But watch out using credit cards.

You may risk it all to loose every penny.

You can build back up to pay your daily expenses before you have another chance to improve your lifestyle.

You may be in debt for years and making the usual mistakes-making unnecessary purchases or spending on credit.

It is a shame to run riot of the law or be owing to another human being but we all do it.

I can borrow 20 and pay back 25 the next week.

A thousand is more tricky to borrow and pay back.

In over your head, join the club, kicked out of your living courters, racing to pay bills and stay on top of the pile of debt?

Many of us live off and on credit.  The subconscious mind may not know the difference.

But worry and hurry about money is almost a universal indicator of debt.

Who doesn’t experience money problems in and throughout life.

To pay your own way is like earning a kind of freedom.

To live without going overboard is a genuine achievement.