A Woman’s Need

She presented her love for me in a letter.

My invitation asked if I would go out with her.

My gut said no, but my faith told me to try.

I took her out for a coffee at a local joint.


Soon we were seeing each other every other day.

Soon I was shown off to her friends.

Her place was very clean, ordered and feminine.

She talked and listened to me everyday.


All the while I began to sense she had control issues.

Everyone and everything seemed to have a place.

I knew she was getting help, but I didn’t realize how serious it was.

I began to feel stifled and she seemed to be too needy.

She was starting to tell me what to do and how, when, where, why…

We went on vacation together as the months marched by in our relationship.


I had had enough, I thought I would go away for two weeks on one of her arrangements for me.

Of course, she had it all arranged for me:  who, what, where, when and how!

I thought about her lack of interest in having a child.

I thought about her need to be a parent and the apparent contrast.


The real ending was her venting about how bad, awful, and useless I must be.

She is now married to another man and is grateful to be a step mom.

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