My “How Important Is it?”

My most important thing is learning to ‘fast from the pain.’

I have these bad habits like most people.

Like most, I get around to giving up the habits that are really bad.

Everyone can fall into making ‘a hole in the soul.’

The habits are contingent on the pain.

My job is to stop ignoring it.

My job is to realize the ‘how and when’ of it.

In my case, the excess dwelling on mistakes and hard times,  boil down to ups and downs.

My triumphs have been sports, awards, education and work.

My failure or disaster has been sickness, getting fired, loosing friends and family, and other mistakes.

I have learnt that this is a dress rehearsal for when I am able to do them without beating myself up.

My belief is having a good life.  I do no harm.

I understand some of it.  I am working it out and doing some good.

I live to the best of my ability like everyone.

I am grateful for the journey.

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