Hype, Hysteria and Hanging Out!

Downtown has always been a catch all for those who have and do not have.

People like to yak at the bars over the sports game, politics and sex.

Not much has changed in the big city in the last 10 years.

But technology has made it instant to grab your moment of fame or being notorious.


But there is always someone pushing something, and it is not always drugs.

Yet, the mania about the drug epidemic is getting very serious indeed.

Hanging out has gone from riches to rags for many who have succumbed to the latest designer drugs.

And the economy has not made it easy on those who use to enjoy more ‘haves’.


There is very little calmness around poverty, disease, war, and calamity.

We are facing more and more upheaval around the globe.

It is getting harder to travel safe.

More people and more insecurity is playing havoc on the world population.


Yet, education is key.

The increase in world population begs for a better education and no one is doing anything about it.

Children in higher numbers will be begging for more if people do not try to help.

Third world countries need assistance in planning for education in the near future.


Who wants to help the world population?

Can’t we all help the world population?


More Than Male Words…

People are fighting for space, rights, and lifestyle.

Is there room for everybody?

Some people don’t fit the bill.

Others have found a new niche.


The 90’s have helped people experiment with newer male images.

Younger men go for a metrosexual look:  a combination of man-bag, man bun, man-cave, and other less obvious looks, attitudes and behaviors.

People are expressing their feelings and opinions about men.

There are new words, writings, places and ways to be with or against a man.


Men are changing with the gradual changes in human behavior.

Power is starting to even out in first world countries.

People are finding better ways to express themselves.

And if this makes a man uncomfortable, it is part of the process.


Who do you want men to be?

Is it harder to be a man or easier?

Will men ever grow up or are they growing up?

Is there room for a new conversation about men?

Four Corners Of The Earth

Not from the past:  religion or cosmology or flat earth.

More from the future, a better understanding of each other:  our ways or customs.

More contact with each other or less alien to each other.

We will be with each other: travel, visit, live and spend time with each other.

An awakening of being human to each other through experience, strength and hope.

Building on the past towards the future to build a community of world citizenship.

The Spirit Of the East

Many questions about the way of the people and the culture that builds a big city or state.

The customs and ways are as different as the appearance and language.

Yet, for all it’s differences there is still the humanity.

We all live and let live.

Perhaps we don’t see each other as often as we should.

There are four corners to the earth.

To be curious about this one is a good start.

We live in times that allow for travel and communication.

We may want to be more than an arm chair tourist.

Starting Over

The break may be the opertunity.

Now, new beginnings are the start page for something different.

What will it be?

Clean.  Fresh.  A team effort.  A chance to use what worked with any knew nuggets that create a better picture.

Or will new information create an imbalance in the matrix?

All restarts present risks, and the present is as much about change as it is new beginnings.

I will be moderate with my means and ways because today is everyday!

A Woman’s Need

She presented her love for me in a letter.

My invitation asked if I would go out with her.

My gut said no, but my faith told me to try.

I took her out for a coffee at a local joint.


Soon we were seeing each other every other day.

Soon I was shown off to her friends.

Her place was very clean, ordered and feminine.

She talked and listened to me everyday.


All the while I began to sense she had control issues.

Everyone and everything seemed to have a place.

I knew she was getting help, but I didn’t realize how serious it was.

I began to feel stifled and she seemed to be too needy.

She was starting to tell me what to do and how, when, where, why…

We went on vacation together as the months marched by in our relationship.


I had had enough, I thought I would go away for two weeks on one of her arrangements for me.

Of course, she had it all arranged for me:  who, what, where, when and how!

I thought about her lack of interest in having a child.

I thought about her need to be a parent and the apparent contrast.


The real ending was her venting about how bad, awful, and useless I must be.

She is now married to another man and is grateful to be a step mom.