Heinz 57

Happy B-day, I’ve got 56 years behind me.

I’ve never really mastered much, but I do love living.

Sometimes, it is something good to eat like a glass of wine with a good sandwich.

Yet, a conversation with a good friend can be fun.

Even though we agree most subjects are over our heads.


They say, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

But I am still trying very hard at doing my best.

I want to learn new skills, maybe pick up the pace on stuff like exercise and other good habits.

But, just saying, there ain’t any easy way out.

My dad use to say, “There’s no free lunch.”

These cliches start to make more sense when I listen and learn.


Is there a better way?

Read, write , and arithmetic…

Now adays there are a lot of things to do.

I’m going to have a simple meal and watch a good movie.

I’ll get around to some chores and talk with my sister on the phone.

If I’m smart, I’ll even get to bed on time.

I’d like to take care.

Then, probably, I’ll have a good day tomorrow.

Philosophy is personal, and there is usually more to it.

I’m glad I have a chance to put some into practice.

A Folk Hero

I am just trying to leave something behind.

I tell stories and stories that remember our kind.

My future is certain.

My past is a curtain.

The ghosts, they follow my signs.

They’re certain the people will forget my mind.

They know that the person is showing us ways.

They know how society fill up the days.

There is more to be said than the work and the sorrow.

Humanity searches for answers.

And none are the stuff made by poets.

Our unity will make or break this long voyage.

So read all the poems or stories and books.

I will send you good memories of people.

The kinds that aren’t often on hooks.

The kinds that were found in the “steeple”.