[Triumph and Disaster], The Myth

The dialogue is not composed by Triumph and Disaster, but it is written in the spirit of the old catch phrase, ‘if so and so could speak!’  In this case, Triumph is a typical Myth.  but as we know, myth is the name we give to a traditional story explaining something in our past or nature.  This myth envolves supernatural beings that are characters in the dialogue.

Triumph:  Wow, look at me, what a success, can you not salute your better.  I have come to proclaim reign over humanity.  We speak to you.  Leave this world to me and the people.  You are no brother to me, not any more.  Go home Disaster, be a friend and leave us to do our best.

Disaster:  You must submit, admit your failure, many fall to their demise.  I am also here to claim the people of the world my slaves.  We are the ones you must leave.  There is no room for two leaders in this reign of terror.  Humanity are but sheep you use to slaughter when the whim suites your will.  Why must I leave, you have been my equal, so I call on you to depart.

T:  Yes, I understand.

D:  Why then, do you think your value greater than mine?

T:  Because you destroy, I create and celebrate my doings by giving all people the taste of winning.  All you do is loose.

D:  I say my lose is more important than your gain.  My job is to cull the heard.  Men must stay with their betters and cast out the weak, sick, and errors of their ways.

T:  We are not going to claim dominion over a group of people by doing them harm.

D:  But you do as much harm as I.

T:  Then perhaps, we should both depart and leave these mortals in peace.

D:  I agree, but it is humanity that craves our presents in their lives.

T:  I see how I impose myself upon there will, do you?

D:  Yes, I will them to exaggerate my power and give them the crutch of blame to use.

T:  I also make use of them as slaves to do my bidding, why do they lay down to me?

D:  It is our false image that they use in their minds.  They see us and believe.

T:  such, silly people to imagine and act on something that has no power, yet they give all theirs to you and me.

D:  We need no quarrel brother, let’s work together as the imposters we must truly be.

Platonic Dialogue

In this next collection, I am using a dialogue to express inspiration, poetry, ideas and philosophy.  There will be fifty (or less) pieces to read, about the same length as the last collection.  Again, all I ask is your patience, I hope to finish the last piece by the end of April 2017.

I call this ‘Platonic’ because of the definition of the word, but also the same format is used in each poem.  And although the format is a dialogue, Plato is also famous for his use of it in his writing.

Being Sick With Violence

The behaviour is all about breaking someone a part.  The person who is violated becomes sick.

Violence can be a very personal experience.

This person is ashamed of themselves for being unable to protect themselves from harm.

Sometimes the anger is turned towards the people or person who tried to protect them.

Sometimes the anger is turned towards the person who harmed them.

Often, the criminal who is violent is ashamed at themselves and angry at the person when they are harming them.

Often, they know each other, often they are in a personal relationship with each other.

Often, a third party can help them overcome this kind of harm.

Education is key.  Councilling is key.

People who are directly involved need time to heal.  They also need an opportunity to decide weather they want to work together to overcome the harm.

Otherwise, each party will need the same help and support to recover on their own.

Public awareness is also needed in circumstances of this nature.

We all need to be better educated through good communication, awareness, there is good multimedia in the public library to help us learn about the whole painful experience.

There is no need to ignore or isolate from violence but sometimes it is difficult to avoid denial and hiding the violence in isolation.

It never helps to return violence.  It is usually best to leave it to professionals to restrain people who are violent.

It is best to walk away and go for help.

As crazy as it sounds, violence only makes people sick.  And when treated as a sickness, there is always hope for healing.

Being Me

My song can be used to express optimism.

I speak to myself often to hear what I think.

I’ll watch a movie when I am tired.

When I’m tired, I am really bored.

I get bored when I’m tired because I need to rest and relax and that means I can not spend much time doing the things I love:  read, write, study, exercise, hike, bike, do my chores, and live by doing what works the best way.

I am tired everyday for about 4 or 5 hours.

I’m allowing myself to go to bed early on these days I am tired, but I have a difficult time calming down to go to sleep.

So, I am learning to journal and calm down when I need to sleep.

Oh, the ‘slings and arrows’, ‘trials and tribulations’.

To love life is to live life.

And, there are many oppertunities to be with others.

And, there are lot’s of places to hang out:  home, work, friends, relatives, travel, and many other places of interest.

Being in B.C. (British Columbia)

I like to take the B.C. Ferry (as a walk-on) over to Vancouver from Sidney.

I like to stay at the Y and go visit the library.

If family and friends want me around, I can always find time.

Looking through the “British Columbia History ” magazine,  I saw a picture of the Y.C.M.A. B’l’d’g. Vancouver, B.C. circa 1914.  Phillip P. Brown-Courtesy Marian K. Brown.

I spent some time in the 80’s around Mission B.C.  I liked walking through the woods uncovering ‘little treasures’ from the ghost town in that area.

Back over to Vancouver Island, I liked being a Student Naturalist showing grade 3’s (and their parents) the salmon run at Gold Stream National Park (just outside Victoria).

There is so much to see and do in the province of B.C., you could spend a lifetime and only get through half of it.

Beautiful B.C.



Wikipedia:  “patience, or solitaire as it is known in the US and Canada, is a genre of card game that can be played by a single…”

This spiritual game is not a game.

It is a state of being that requires the ability to learn ‘how’ and ‘why’ to be on one’s own.

To be able to cope while still living a full life requires both meaning and purpose.

One meaning is to practice good habits, try out beliefs and use study or learning as a life long process.

Purpose, in this case, is to be a writer.

An 145 year old man, says the secret to a long life is patience.

I believe the secret of a good life is simplicity, compassion and patience.

Why?  It feels great!  (All feelings are great.)

How?  Day by day!  (What will this day bring?)

So, Why Give UP Magical Thinking In Some Areas Of Our Lives?  Or Why Should We Be Better Parents To Ourselves?

Everyone wants a better world, better job, better friend, better family.  And most of us get this bill of goods sold to us in the form of self-improvement.

Our higher brain functions give us the ability to programme ourselves by study and practice.  Just ask your doctor friend how much effort it takes to learn and practice.  Any kind of work requires a lot of learning and practice.

It is difficult to work when we deny the problem.  Sometimes we get into trouble with this set of behaviours.

We all feel sorry for people making mistakes in their lives.  But seldom do we go through a day without seriously parenting ourselves through one of these difficulties in everyday life.

Usually, it takes being backed against the wall before we will attempt to change our ways.

This is a common reason people use to explain ‘why’ they do or don’t do something that is causing them harm.

In the same way, we need to give up some magical thinking or at least use it more selectively in our lives

The same applies to self-parenting.  We need to do it more in our lives.

Moral philosophy is good to learn when you think about what I said above.  Think about it!

April Fool’s Day

Only fools rush in, right.

But maybe their should be an exception for poetry month, here in Victoria, B.C.

And technically, I have already written two poems, but they are really late arrivals of my collection.

I have 50 to write in all, I believe there are about 5 lefts to go.
I am kinda slowing down for tonight.

I am busy with relatives and taking it easy tonight.

The whole idea of slowing down is a great idea.

On that note, I will try to pick up my pen tomorrow and put it to better work.

The Road Not Taken

I was out for a walk in the forest I call my mind.

I saw two paths and chose the one less travelled on.

The first I call science and enjoyed in my youth.

I liked chemistry because of the similarities to baking, the closet where I imagined making rocket fuel caught fire.

After getting the belt from my father, I thought more soberly about the subject, Yet I got straight A’s in high school.

I had great teachers and enjoyed study in biology:  naturalist, ecologist, and experimentalist.

The second I am still walking everyday.

It has been a marvel ever since learning to read through phonics.

i collected 13 dictionaries and read books at the library, I love doing these activities.

A dictionary is like a doorway to a place where words are built and sayings are sounded into the heart of a mountain.  The adventure that stems from a word to a short story I study like the music in poetry.  There are no rules, but the passion found in why’s and how’s.

Today I feast on library fare, I laugh and I Stare

i am looking at you and despair:  that is a good feeling.

To follow this one feeling, through all that may, come see, walk with me…

Starry, Starry Night

Loss of freedom is when nature in prisons one’s brain.

Yet, walks with ones watcher made beautiful swirl I captured on canvas.

Self mutilation is not a good way to garnish attention but it was reported in the paper.

I am Vincent.

My suffering for my sanity only saves part of my soul, the burning ember nature released in me should remind others of the ravages she will do (without malice).

And yet, I left an impression that is proper amongst my many paintings.

Society has cherished me, after my self inflicted gun shot  lead to my death two days later.

To have had the sense to mimic nature, even though torturous, has been the love of my life.