[Triumph and Disaster], The Myth

The dialogue is not composed by Triumph and Disaster, but it is written in the spirit of the old catch phrase, ‘if so and so could speak!’  In this case, Triumph is a typical Myth.  but as we know, myth is the name we give to a traditional story explaining something in our past or nature.  This myth envolves supernatural beings that are characters in the dialogue.

Triumph:  Wow, look at me, what a success, can you not salute your better.  I have come to proclaim reign over humanity.  We speak to you.  Leave this world to me and the people.  You are no brother to me, not any more.  Go home Disaster, be a friend and leave us to do our best.

Disaster:  You must submit, admit your failure, many fall to their demise.  I am also here to claim the people of the world my slaves.  We are the ones you must leave.  There is no room for two leaders in this reign of terror.  Humanity are but sheep you use to slaughter when the whim suites your will.  Why must I leave, you have been my equal, so I call on you to depart.

T:  Yes, I understand.

D:  Why then, do you think your value greater than mine?

T:  Because you destroy, I create and celebrate my doings by giving all people the taste of winning.  All you do is loose.

D:  I say my lose is more important than your gain.  My job is to cull the heard.  Men must stay with their betters and cast out the weak, sick, and errors of their ways.

T:  We are not going to claim dominion over a group of people by doing them harm.

D:  But you do as much harm as I.

T:  Then perhaps, we should both depart and leave these mortals in peace.

D:  I agree, but it is humanity that craves our presents in their lives.

T:  I see how I impose myself upon there will, do you?

D:  Yes, I will them to exaggerate my power and give them the crutch of blame to use.

T:  I also make use of them as slaves to do my bidding, why do they lay down to me?

D:  It is our false image that they use in their minds.  They see us and believe.

T:  such, silly people to imagine and act on something that has no power, yet they give all theirs to you and me.

D:  We need no quarrel brother, let’s work together as the imposters we must truly be.

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