Being Sick With Violence

The behaviour is all about breaking someone a part.  The person who is violated becomes sick.

Violence can be a very personal experience.

This person is ashamed of themselves for being unable to protect themselves from harm.

Sometimes the anger is turned towards the people or person who tried to protect them.

Sometimes the anger is turned towards the person who harmed them.

Often, the criminal who is violent is ashamed at themselves and angry at the person when they are harming them.

Often, they know each other, often they are in a personal relationship with each other.

Often, a third party can help them overcome this kind of harm.

Education is key.  Councilling is key.

People who are directly involved need time to heal.  They also need an opportunity to decide weather they want to work together to overcome the harm.

Otherwise, each party will need the same help and support to recover on their own.

Public awareness is also needed in circumstances of this nature.

We all need to be better educated through good communication, awareness, there is good multimedia in the public library to help us learn about the whole painful experience.

There is no need to ignore or isolate from violence but sometimes it is difficult to avoid denial and hiding the violence in isolation.

It never helps to return violence.  It is usually best to leave it to professionals to restrain people who are violent.

It is best to walk away and go for help.

As crazy as it sounds, violence only makes people sick.  And when treated as a sickness, there is always hope for healing.

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