Being Me

My song can be used to express optimism.

I speak to myself often to hear what I think.

I’ll watch a movie when I am tired.

When I’m tired, I am really bored.

I get bored when I’m tired because I need to rest and relax and that means I can not spend much time doing the things I love:  read, write, study, exercise, hike, bike, do my chores, and live by doing what works the best way.

I am tired everyday for about 4 or 5 hours.

I’m allowing myself to go to bed early on these days I am tired, but I have a difficult time calming down to go to sleep.

So, I am learning to journal and calm down when I need to sleep.

Oh, the ‘slings and arrows’, ‘trials and tribulations’.

To love life is to live life.

And, there are many oppertunities to be with others.

And, there are lot’s of places to hang out:  home, work, friends, relatives, travel, and many other places of interest.

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