Being in B.C. (British Columbia)

I like to take the B.C. Ferry (as a walk-on) over to Vancouver from Sidney.

I like to stay at the Y and go visit the library.

If family and friends want me around, I can always find time.

Looking through the “British Columbia History ” magazine,  I saw a picture of the Y.C.M.A. B’l’d’g. Vancouver, B.C. circa 1914.  Phillip P. Brown-Courtesy Marian K. Brown.

I spent some time in the 80’s around Mission B.C.  I liked walking through the woods uncovering ‘little treasures’ from the ghost town in that area.

Back over to Vancouver Island, I liked being a Student Naturalist showing grade 3’s (and their parents) the salmon run at Gold Stream National Park (just outside Victoria).

There is so much to see and do in the province of B.C., you could spend a lifetime and only get through half of it.

Beautiful B.C.


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