So, Why Give UP Magical Thinking In Some Areas Of Our Lives?  Or Why Should We Be Better Parents To Ourselves?

Everyone wants a better world, better job, better friend, better family.  And most of us get this bill of goods sold to us in the form of self-improvement.

Our higher brain functions give us the ability to programme ourselves by study and practice.  Just ask your doctor friend how much effort it takes to learn and practice.  Any kind of work requires a lot of learning and practice.

It is difficult to work when we deny the problem.  Sometimes we get into trouble with this set of behaviours.

We all feel sorry for people making mistakes in their lives.  But seldom do we go through a day without seriously parenting ourselves through one of these difficulties in everyday life.

Usually, it takes being backed against the wall before we will attempt to change our ways.

This is a common reason people use to explain ‘why’ they do or don’t do something that is causing them harm.

In the same way, we need to give up some magical thinking or at least use it more selectively in our lives

The same applies to self-parenting.  We need to do it more in our lives.

Moral philosophy is good to learn when you think about what I said above.  Think about it!

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