The Road Not Taken

I was out for a walk in the forest I call my mind.

I saw two paths and chose the one less travelled on.

The first I call science and enjoyed in my youth.

I liked chemistry because of the similarities to baking, the closet where I imagined making rocket fuel caught fire.

After getting the belt from my father, I thought more soberly about the subject, Yet I got straight A’s in high school.

I had great teachers and enjoyed study in biology:  naturalist, ecologist, and experimentalist.

The second I am still walking everyday.

It has been a marvel ever since learning to read through phonics.

i collected 13 dictionaries and read books at the library, I love doing these activities.

A dictionary is like a doorway to a place where words are built and sayings are sounded into the heart of a mountain.  The adventure that stems from a word to a short story I study like the music in poetry.  There are no rules, but the passion found in why’s and how’s.

Today I feast on library fare, I laugh and I Stare

i am looking at you and despair:  that is a good feeling.

To follow this one feeling, through all that may, come see, walk with me…

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