Sister’s Seeing (clean cut and ready to move forward)

The emerging Canadian woman is getting a good chance to live in the big city.

Many mother`s have passed on their passion and love of education to young women finishing up school to take their place of value beside their partners or young men, who have a more privileged place in our society.

This woman is starting to look around at the situation and wants a better position to live the life she knows is hers to earn.

She wants a career, a man, a family, a community and children.  She will get power to do all those things and more.  If she doesn’t get it soon, she is going to go nuts.

It’s hard to place her with her social media and education because she is emerging into sports, arts, music, and more.  She is traveling and getting support from her mother, father, extended family and friends.

She sees everything and does it all but she needs more power.  She sees it and wants it and is getting ready to risk everything to get it.

She likes getting the power to be equal and able to do her best with his best.  And she likes to fit everyone, family, friends, community with her vision for well being.  She is strong.

Brother’s Being

Mr Van Peebles in “Baadasssss”!

Celebrating black culture is “truth and beauty”.

Can Canada really celebrate our differences?

We don’t need any ‘hate spin’ about anyone.


People are from every background, every place, and every bit a human being.

The way to be is not going to be straight and narrow.

Being here, now is definately a mixed bag of tricks.

Finding our way through all these difficulties will not be done together.


No one said, “Earning majority rights was going to be as easy as earning minority rights.”

Minority rights aren’t easy to earn.

Scarry stuff happens around shaking up the status quo.

New behaviour is being choosen over old behaviour.


The change that is necessary to treat us all equal and able requires a distrubution of power in a democratic way.

Some people that don’t like the idea will kick up a fuss.

A way for the people by the people is not as easy as it is cracked up to be.

The ideal is to do no harm, the reality is that harm is a need when enough people change and aquire new power (mistakes occur with change).


Song is the new literature.

Text is our language.

iPhone is our device.

App is our button to anything you want to do.


We need to be connected to it, all the time.

We think on it.

We live on it.

We wanna be on it.


We want to avoid getting one of these devices surgically implanted under our skin.

We don’t want to get sick from it.

But we want the price to be lower.

And we want to spend more time on it.


Maybe, you can get smart about it?

Do you want to listen and learn about it?

What are you willing to do about it?

You need to be willing to learn how to be safe on it.


Maybe not, why learn to read and write on it?

Who cares about it, doesn’t it work good enough?

The jury is still out on this one.

Maybe, we need more time to think about it?

Being Culture

Who and what are we being?

It appears that we want or need too much to grow.


Yet, to appear at all out of the seeming nothingness brings more awe than despair.

We bring love, joy and peace.


Yet, we make havoc and destruction.

There is a problem with over population.


We are starting to explore the universe.

Will we be able to reach out before we are annihilated by nature?


This planet looks very beautiful from the orbiting moon.

And our telescopes capture images of solar systems and galaxies.


We explore it all.

We express our quantum mechanics and cosmology.


We have so many inventions, knowledge and power.

But we are nothing to the same said things in the universe.


We celebrate ourselves and others.

We experience and be all we can be.


Does any of it amount to a ‘hill of beans’?

We have lofty ambitions:  immortality, cosmic deminsions, and endless ingenuity.


We record our existence.

It may only exist for a few more seconds on the cosmic scale.

Being Without

It is the opposite of having something, but it is up to the person to decide what to do about it.

For example, I do without many things in my life:  wife, kids, car, money, religion, social life, house, and many material things.

I do without a lot of harmful behaviours.

I do without a lot of hurry and worry.

I live a simple life that developed out of a desire to be a whole person.

Yet, that doesn’t mean I want to do without any of these people, places or things.

I do believe it is best for me to do with less rather than more.

I don’t claim to have much of an answer about living in the material world.

I strongly believe in simplicity, compassion and patience.


Metaphysical Being

Ontology or what is being?

There are a couple of ways to think about it.

I like the applied subjective way.

There is such a thing as ‘trying on beliefs.’


When I call myself a philosopher, it is a subjective thing.

I try on a belief and keep at it, until it begins to show some fruit.


I’ve always been extremely curious about living my life.

It is why I believe what I believe.


The ‘how’ is based on may personal experiences as a student, teacher, member-at-large, and other hats to cumbersome to mention.


The point is that I believe I need to earn my life.  I am optimistic about being who I am and I believe I have lots to contribute as a member-at-large in this big place we call a community.

Being An Athelete (About Living At The Top Of Your Game)

To be an athelete, actor, student, teacher, writer and a living human being is more than enough to live the good life.

But there are five ways to improve on ‘being’ that will bring a good healthy balance to living well.

  1. Money is not the problem. As long as you control yourself and learn not to be compulsive with it.
  2. I like to work with others, towards a common goal.  Each day, I go out with my partner to do our job.  I try to execute an efficient crew, but I try to keep a balance and get all the basics covered within a reasonable timeframe.  Although, I have had a good routine for the last month or two, there are hardly any reasons I will loose it.  This is a good example of cooperation and collaboration.  I do the same with family and friends.  My problems tend to work out in the long run.
  3. I always try to get enough food, sleep, exercise, and rest.  I need to read, write, and practice my meditation.  This takes up most of my time outside of work.
  4. I use my blog to express my poetry, philosophy, inspiration, ideas, and other stuff.
  5. Journaling is something else that really works for me.

And that is all there is to being an athelete at living well.  And as we all know , everybody has success and failure.  The challenge is not to let them be of any real importance to living well.  No matter what happens, my goal is to live the good life.