Benefits Of Writing Poetry 

To learn about truth and beauty and share it with other.

To learn how to write in blank verse, and use other techniques and methods.

An excellent source of self expression.

An idea or concept mixed together with words and sounds of words, analogies and metaphors, apostrophe, antonyms, synonym, similes and so much more.

The music that souls produce when singing to each other.

A letter sent to the whole of humanity.

One must read, write, listen and learn, practice and perform, polish words and turns of phrase.

Does being a living breathing human help?

I have seen poetry in people, places and things:  the love a mother shows her child as the angelic little boy enjoys his run along a green grassy slope on a sunny warm spring morning.

To engage and participate with all feelings, all races, all senses and make the ring of truth clear to yourself and the reader.  And bring beauty a little closer to the mirror.

And it is fun to practice, especially when a little enjoyment enters the process from time to time.

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