A Good Day At Work

Doesn’t have to be a Friday, payday or a day off.

Maybe, a good something to spice up the day:  hear a good joke or a good song on the radio.

Getting an extra ten minute break.

Finding out you got a promotion or a raise.

Getting to the office on time or getting off early.

Remembering where something is or finding it when it was lost.

Obviously, all these little things add up.

They make us feel good and seem to help release stress.

There are hundreds more and they apply to any situation, time or place.

We look forward to good things when there is a contrast with bad things.

Sometimes big things spice up life, not just the day at work:  getting a car or getting married, having kids or some kind of winning (like winning the lottery).

But working at the end of the week needs something good to happen to help us through the hardships of work.

This Friday was good because I worked with someone different:  a change can be a positive experience.

I did hear some funny jokes on the radio, I got off early, I found a nickel (it didn’t help at all), I had a small win fall, it really felt like a good day at work.


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