Courage To Be

Where does the inquiring mind travel?

Find your ‘why’, find your passion.

Find your ‘how’, find your reason.

Help ‘me’ now, find your meaning.


‘Happiness’ helps fill up the present with food for the soul.

‘Meaning’ does the same for the past and future.


Graze on being with music and stuff that distracts you from getting too anxious or serious.


Spend lots of time at work and play and being with others.


Be a student and find a teacher.


Goal:  when you are stuck in the muck, to have ten people willing to help you out.


Love life when you can.

Hate life when you must.

Don’t act impulsively on either.

Be your own best friend.  (Stand beside yourself and cheer!).


Remember, ‘optimism’ is a shinning beacon in the (internal) darkness.

Cram as much hope into everyday that your ‘locker’ will hold!


Run for one minute every day.

Smoke as much fresh air as your lungs can carry.


Smile to yourself when you’re practising mindfulness.

Laugh more at yourself than you do to others.

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