A Good Day At Work

Doesn’t have to be a Friday, payday or a day off.

Maybe, a good something to spice up the day:  hear a good joke or a good song on the radio.

Getting an extra ten minute break.

Finding out you got a promotion or a raise.

Getting to the office on time or getting off early.

Remembering where something is or finding it when it was lost.

Obviously, all these little things add up.

They make us feel good and seem to help release stress.

There are hundreds more and they apply to any situation, time or place.

We look forward to good things when there is a contrast with bad things.

Sometimes big things spice up life, not just the day at work:  getting a car or getting married, having kids or some kind of winning (like winning the lottery).

But working at the end of the week needs something good to happen to help us through the hardships of work.

This Friday was good because I worked with someone different:  a change can be a positive experience.

I did hear some funny jokes on the radio, I got off early, I found a nickel (it didn’t help at all), I had a small win fall, it really felt like a good day at work.


Benefits Of Writing Poetry 

To learn about truth and beauty and share it with other.

To learn how to write in blank verse, and use other techniques and methods.

An excellent source of self expression.

An idea or concept mixed together with words and sounds of words, analogies and metaphors, apostrophe, antonyms, synonym, similes and so much more.

The music that souls produce when singing to each other.

A letter sent to the whole of humanity.

One must read, write, listen and learn, practice and perform, polish words and turns of phrase.

Does being a living breathing human help?

I have seen poetry in people, places and things:  the love a mother shows her child as the angelic little boy enjoys his run along a green grassy slope on a sunny warm spring morning.

To engage and participate with all feelings, all races, all senses and make the ring of truth clear to yourself and the reader.  And bring beauty a little closer to the mirror.

And it is fun to practice, especially when a little enjoyment enters the process from time to time.

….Teach A Man (Person) To Fish

This can be simplified down to learning how to learn.

Being a life long student ensures the person to pick up whatever skill makes life worth living well.

Another truth is the simpler the better:  it is always the lowest common denominator that leads to the answer of the problem.

Seeking to understand, one can combine the student and the teacher with the facts or lowest common denominator.

If you really want to help refine your understanding, teach it to someone else and do so in the clearest straightforward way.

Also, be your own observer or stand beside yourself .

By listening to yourself you truly get to know yourself.

And a couple of finer points are to be your own best friend and keep a regular journal.

By being your own best friend you learn to be well even when you might otherwise be too hard on yourself.

A journal helps record the facts and express yourself in the moment.

Once you get to know yourself better, you can refine all these ideas or customize your teaching and learning methods.

Work and play will make every ‘fisherman’ a life full of prosperity.

Going To The Moon

We had a dream to be on the big round satellite that orbits the earth.

It seems almost unattainable to people like you and me.

Yet, we have returned to the moon on other manned trips.

We are planning to return again and again…

Some of us want to travel, outwards like ‘Voyager’, beyond the solar system.

As of yet, we have not taken any of us to our next planned trip to mars.

Yes, there are stories, in our literature of trips to mars, but all seem remote and uninteresting to some of us.

But what would have happened if those who dream hadn’t started us on trips across the seas:  Christopher Columbus.

There are high flung ideas that speak to the notions of being out to sea, travelling on a jet plane.

Who amongst us will travel on a space ship?

To be a universal citizen will take more cooperation to pursue than being a citizen of the world.

To be on another planet will take more ambition and direction than going to the moon.

To be out beyond the solar system doesn’t even seem possible to most of us today.

But we made it to the moon, and we will return:  someday.

Why Not Send A Note To A Friend Or Relative

It helps to write plain and simple.

It needs to have some light hearted aspect to it.

I like to praise ideas:  four day work week, anonymity, and visiting the local library.

I did this for a year to generate content for a inspirational calendar.

To communicate is another element that appears to benefit both parties when I send out a note.

I’ve had a note in my pocket for the last thirty years:  it is from a good friend who wants me to think and question.  He thinks it is especially important to follow a plan during a crisis to avoid delay and produce safe outcomes.

This is an idea that truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

And, it is a light easy activity to use to bond with a friend and/or relative.

Waking Up On A Walk

Dark woods, dark sky,

Rain falling through the forest on leaf and brook.

Sparrow sounding in numbers, among the body of trees.

Crow flaps and caws,

Seagulls call,

Ocean calmly laps water on shore.

Dim light shows big gray cloud.

Large trees canopy the dark earth.

Morning light brightens dark shadow.

Sunrise threatens red on the horizon.

Orange-yellow sky clouds overhead.

Bright day dawns in peaceful solitude.

Being Alive

All feelings are good.

All races are good.

We thrive on cooperation and collaboration.

We earn every ounce of freedom and prosperity.

We need a single focus.

We need to slow down.

We need to meditate.

We need to help others.

We need society.

We need meaning.

We use our knowledge and power to live well.

We love one another like we love ourselves.

Lip service will only bring triumph and disaster.

Belief in these principles require on going practice and maintenance to enjoy the benifits of being alive.

Citizens of the world create a better life to live.

They deserve the love and respect they have for themselves and each other.

We all try to be said citizen.

We all try to appreciate being alive.

Sister’s Seeing (clean cut and ready to move forward)

The emerging Canadian woman is getting a good chance to live in the big city.

Many mother`s have passed on their passion and love of education to young women finishing up school to take their place of value beside their partners or young men, who have a more privileged place in our society.

This woman is starting to look around at the situation and wants a better position to live the life she knows is hers to earn.

She wants a career, a man, a family, a community and children.  She will get power to do all those things and more.  If she doesn’t get it soon, she is going to go nuts.

It’s hard to place her with her social media and education because she is emerging into sports, arts, music, and more.  She is traveling and getting support from her mother, father, extended family and friends.

She sees everything and does it all but she needs more power.  She sees it and wants it and is getting ready to risk everything to get it.

She likes getting the power to be equal and able to do her best with his best.  And she likes to fit everyone, family, friends, community with her vision for well being.  She is strong.

Brother’s Being

Mr Van Peebles in “Baadasssss”!

Celebrating black culture is “truth and beauty”.

Can Canada really celebrate our differences?

We don’t need any ‘hate spin’ about anyone.


People are from every background, every place, and every bit a human being.

The way to be is not going to be straight and narrow.

Being here, now is definately a mixed bag of tricks.

Finding our way through all these difficulties will not be done together.


No one said, “Earning majority rights was going to be as easy as earning minority rights.”

Minority rights aren’t easy to earn.

Scarry stuff happens around shaking up the status quo.

New behaviour is being choosen over old behaviour.


The change that is necessary to treat us all equal and able requires a distrubution of power in a democratic way.

Some people that don’t like the idea will kick up a fuss.

A way for the people by the people is not as easy as it is cracked up to be.

The ideal is to do no harm, the reality is that harm is a need when enough people change and aquire new power (mistakes occur with change).


Song is the new literature.

Text is our language.

iPhone is our device.

App is our button to anything you want to do.


We need to be connected to it, all the time.

We think on it.

We live on it.

We wanna be on it.


We want to avoid getting one of these devices surgically implanted under our skin.

We don’t want to get sick from it.

But we want the price to be lower.

And we want to spend more time on it.


Maybe, you can get smart about it?

Do you want to listen and learn about it?

What are you willing to do about it?

You need to be willing to learn how to be safe on it.


Maybe not, why learn to read and write on it?

Who cares about it, doesn’t it work good enough?

The jury is still out on this one.

Maybe, we need more time to think about it?