To eat of a nourishing substance.

The fruit is virtue and the folly is vice.

With the swinging of the pendulum, so is the mood, the circumstance and chance.

Yet, the will, the faculty of reason, and the arrangement or proper use of the senses, may coax the being into balance on the moment to moment basis.

When harsher injury occurs, the body experiences a longer larger imbalance.

Nourishment is found in many types of food.

Sleep, rest, exercise, play, work and vacation:  all have healing ways when an injury occurs to the body.

Yet, nourishment for the body will heal all wounds.

It is best to learn the ways to earn bread to make it most sweet or beneficial for the value of use.

Use, the proper use of impressions, not to waste any bread.

A seeker of spirit is a hunger that feeds on the proper use of impression or belief.

But to follow blindly without first earning the bread may abuse the body and turn the seeker to a bad end.

Bread is a kind of currency the body uses to renew itself.

Eat bread wisely and earn bread wisely, or suffer the consequences.

One Slip And I’m In Caca

Virtue is a practise:  let go of desire!

Power is a vice:  don’t ask for anymore.

Answers are part of the problem, don’t get caught up in Q&A.

Yet, it is good to make thinking a habit.

Do your best and make it work for you:  this is a responsibility.

Yet maybe, your best hasn’t shown you the way.

Don’t give up because you are in a blind alley.

‘Follow your doubt’ is an easy direction but a difficult job to do.

The ‘razor’s edge’ is a common enough description of this kind of truth.

But pain allows change, and growth is the better part of change.

‘Just one more’, may not work for you.

Give it up.

Mindfulness will help with the acceptance.

Doing one thing at a time is a good idea.

A Writer’s Dreams and An Individual’s Responsibility

Like ancient Babylon, Wikipedia is a reference library where you could look up everything.

Don’t confuse Wikileaks with Wikipedia, look it up.

They claim to be nonprofit and ask for donations.

People like me, give to them because you believe in the idea.


What is the idea?

It is not power, but it is powerful.

It is not wisdom but it is knowledgeable.

It is not desire, it has a kind of truth and beauty.


“You Could Look It Up”, by Jack Lynch expresses the idea with passion and in an entertaining way.

Do you collect or read Dictionaries?

Are you a Bibliophile?

Do you have a love of knowledge?


Freedom is a way to even the playing field.

Tao like water, has a confluence which allows many things to penetrate or to penetrate many things.

Never hesitate to ask for help, yet the fear of being wrong or the desire for knowledge tends to block all our ways.

Transparancy can protect me from myself and others, I need to help and collaboration is an important way to demonstrate it.



Shake It Up

‘Speare’ of Destiny my ass,

Schoolmaster?  Is anybody’s guess.

A player was his minor task.

And his playwriting was shared by the best.

He was a good student.

Someone who could read history and be contemporary about it.

Yet, history does not remember many facts concerning this man.

Yet again, history remembers her works better than most.

He is a famous playwrite, poet and what not.

VIP of Britain’s most fascinating historical figures.

Don’t sit idle, write plays and poetry, read and remember William Shakespeare.

Solitude(silence,stillness and calmness are golden)

Being silent, still and calm is inner peace.

Being here like stillness, silence and calm is inner peace.

To look through these glasses bring peace.

Bliss and joy accompany my solitude.


Yet, living can go up and down.

Therefore, life can present challenges that feel deep but painful and exhausting.

And I do not live in a castle of solitude.

I live with people, problems and more.

I love and risk all.


Who am I to sum up life?

A traveller using the vehicle of imagination.

I believe in striving for “being whole”.

Like the trumpet player, “Feels So Good.”


Transpearancy helps protect the person and the players in the situation.

Solitude creates self esteem, alleviates depression, improves creativity, recharges the person, allows you to think, and improves the focus and concentration.

In this sense the person is an organic whole and solitude is the mechanism to restore its balance.

Solitude is food for ‘the soul’.

Life Balance and the harmful effect of too much or too little…

What can be said for TV and Music can be said for most news, information and entertainment.  It is critical to find a proper balance or use of these on our devices.  And we need to use our brains to figure it out:  critical thinking is essential in all areas of our life, but the overlap between life balance and use of technologies are out of control.

According to most sources, we spend too much of our free time on our cell phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and cd and DVD devices.

There are lots of reports on the topic of halting active body and brain exercises in favour of rest, entertainment.  But we also go into trances naturally during sleep, walks, running, driving, showering , etc.

My point is that most of us work too hard and pick the wrong way to rest, relax, refuel and recharge.

We need to find a better balance for our body after and during stress or as we live Day to day.

Many times during the work week and on the weekend or even daily, we drift into too much work or stress and too much of everything else or not enough!

It sounds too simple but a combination of planning and scheduling will correct almost any problem.  The old three square meals a day, whole foods, some water.  Less sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol.

Common sense, take breaks-stay calm, rest, and enjoy a little solitude or try a little silence.  If we take 10 or 15 minutes every 4 or 5 hours, we can cool down the work and stress.  

During exercise do not use devices, we can live without them more often.

Cut down on using devices by half.  We are watching and listening too much, half of us go in and out of trances from sensory overloads.  Find better ways too cool off .

At least, this is what I am doing in my life.  I continue to misuse devices and suffer from too much stress due to a bad life-work balance. I am using my critical thinking skills to find better ways to eat, work, relax, exercise and sleep.  And my balance is starting to come back from using my plan and scheduling skills.  Good luck with yours.


Step into this wide arena with Stephen Hawking, Terence Chi-Shen Tao, and other thinkers.

Does my brain mimic the universe,nature, truth & beauty?

How would I build this place?

The ‘Devine spark’ is found in this area of activity.

Thought is an activity.

It expresses the whole in miniature.

Unfold a thought to find the parts of the universe.

Compare the parts of thought to the rest (truth & beauty, nature and the universe).

Take the energy out of thought and there is silence .

Is the silence found anywhere a lack of energy?

Is stillness like silence in this way?

Will energy help the parts connect and grow?

Change this universe and what will happen in nature, truth& beauty and thought?

Is there more  beyond this cosmos?



Love Your Brain, Love Your Life.

What is the big secret?

What is the big picture?

The brain is your body, mind and soul.

When you die, does it matter to you?

It is very important to believe in taking care of your brain through education:  good food, good exercise, and good sleep.

What are you afraid of besides death?

Are you afraid of bad education and other bad habits?

Smoking?  Drugs like alcohol?  A poisonous diet?

Why is it so important to love?

Why love yourself or anyone?

Does it matter if you can live and be all you can be?

How important is taking care of your brain to you?

Don’t you want a better life?

It is important to be skeptical about love and life, but it is more important to love and live.  Is it?

Yes, love, forgive and forget, seek first to understand and then to be understood:  do no harm.

Exercise the mind:  think about the big ideas.

Live, love, laugh.

Are there really any answers?

Keep using your best belief, then when you find a better one, substitute it for the old one (grow up!):  my job.

The Magic of Middle Earth

Can you follow the way when you are down and out?

Can you see yourself when the lights are out?

Can you be like nature and keep your faith?

A country with Hob-goblins and goblins, dwarfs and elves.

A place with Wizards, Hobbits and men.

A collection of big people and little people.

There are lots of adventures and mysteries.

A power that is very dark and very bad.

A power that is very light and very good.

A wonderful make-believe place that brings everyone together for a fight to decide whether good can triumph over evil.

The magic of this place points towards a reality that is hard to believe.

This reality can not be seen.

We live in this real world and no one believes.

That a myth is important, it helps us see the reality of a way that can not normally be seen.