The hand is writing here now.

The brain is composing this poem.

This body craves food, sex, materials, consuming, answers, permanency.

Gently, let go of desire, the body and mind are here.

Gently, let go of desire, the body and mind are now.

Religion or secular, whatever works.

We are all ending sometime.

So why not do it with style:  no harm but mindfully.

Aren’t we all mentally ill?

Don’t we all want to live the best way we know how?

To Learn About The Philosophy Of Mathematics

The introduction is full of ideas.

The method is much more complex.

It requires a system of knowledge that expands on the ideas and systematically requires a proof of every problem.

This is the science and the art to the philosophy of mathematics.

I have this idea that all knowledge can be known or proven mathematically:  philosophy, science, arts like language, humanities, and other inter disciplinary studies.

Currently, we are struggling to prove language mathematically, but I can see progress.  And science is full of math.

Plato said all the world is based on form.

We now believe all the world is based on forms.

We know time is arithmetic.

We know from Einstein that the universe is form or math.

Now what?

Well, object reality can be broken down to its form which are objects, even math is an object which we can use precisely to prove the universe does exist outside our minds.

Yes, we are all really here in the universe.

This is not a dream.

Funny, we all kinda new there is a reality.

But, what are the applications to all this math?

Ah, the answer to this question begs for students in Math or the Philosophy Of Mathematics!