Taking Care Of Business

Mind maintenance is easy during day to day stuff.

But learning to stay cool and using a sense of constancy is very difficult when everyone is loosing it and blaming it on you.

When I have a good routine, I can manage myself okay.  If I get a little horny, I’m not going to be impulsive.  If I am angry and fearful of someone who is picking on me, I can usually suck it up and put it on the back burner, until the weekend.

These are my good habits that kicks in when stuff gets busy at work or in my personal life.  Usually, I am okay, but lately, it has been double duty.

I am motivated to think about my personal philosophy.  I need to practice being calm and constant in all my affairs.  I need to see I am in an emergency room and act like the doctor on call.  I really need to use it or lose it!

I want to be on my best behaviour.  I’m not trying to get praise or manipulate  or blame anyone.  But I am all over the problem.  I keep a cool head and use my talents and good ways to treat all in this emergency and all my affairs.

I need to bring it, to make my life work well.  I’m giving myself lots of time, by next year I’ll either be at the next level or assessing all my mistakes.

Christmas in July, what can I say!  It is better than the alternative.  Do no harm.  Happiness is a belief.

I’d kind of like to end it right here.  But I have to go on and on.

Far from nativity, I must use my wits and intelligence and every good habit I possess from my present lifestyle.  Why?  To change and improve.  To work out my problems and take responsibility for the bruises that occur to me and others.

There is an animal side to life that requires an art to living that is unavailable in school or most philosophies.

What is it and how do I use it?

These methods are unimportant.  Using the principles are what makes it work.  Putting them into practice is all that counts.  No free lunch, no free ride.  No pretty side to it.  Just a lot of work and exercise.

That’s it.

Socrates and Being Beside Oneself

There is no good or bad, there is only behaviour said B. F. Skinner.  Put into context, Socrates is known to have been beside himself.  Some oddly called this a possession.  But the truth is he exercised the good habit of observation.  Again, the idea is not important.  But being an observer is.  He practised the fine art of observing himself.  He played the role of student, teacher or Cynic.  And he slowly learnt to do no harm.  He tried to live the life of a good person.

A “be” person is just what the name implies.  Someone who can learn to understand, be a student, be a teacher, practice the good habit.  In effect, this person becomes or lives a good life.  They live this way for their own sake.  They are not trying to save, protect, others or be a saint.  They live what they believe is workable and good for themselves.  If they help or transmit the idea to others, well, that is just great, but it is not a goal.  Hard as it may appear to others, this is a simple way to properly use impressions.