Stop Running

Is your life out of balance?

Do you need to work out a big problem?

Is the writing on the wall?

Don’t delay, today is too fast to fill in with the technology of change.

We can’t slow down.

We are taught from childhood to run ourselves ragged to fulfill the big dream, to become a success.  Most of us buy into mainstream culture.

We get married, have kids, get a house, vehicle, career and we have our stuff.

We follow the plan and end up with a full-time business called “lifestyle”.

It feels like a treadmill most of the time.  Why?  Because we have not stopped running.  We keep working at warp speed.  We don’t stop, look and listen.

Sure we put on the brakes once in a while, but we don’t make the lifestyle change.  We are stuck running at one speed:  fast!

Even our sleep is fast:  sleep deprived.

Our food is fast.

We think fast.

We feel fast.

We shit fast!



Just keep telling yourself to “stop running”.

You will figure it out.

Change To Be Happy

The great philosophers say we must not fall prey to greed, desire or pleasure.

Or, they say create good habits to live a good life.

Or, it is the cultivation of a good life that will make a happy life.

In this sense, there is no need to preserve it, record it or make a profit from the ability to do it.

Hence, the wise ones became students, teachers and read and wrote about it to create a happy life for themselves.  And they were happy to plant the seed in all they touched during the process.

This is not a religion, psychology or some kind of higher purpose.

Only humanity is capable of using the faculty of mind to create a truly happy life.